How to Convert EDB to PDF Online?

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Don’t know “How to convert EDB to PDF online”? Then, you are at the correct spot, where you get to know all the methods for it. The first section consists of some basic facts about EDB & PDF files. The second section comprises reasons to move EDB files into PDF file format. Lastly, all the possible methods are given in a stepwise manner.

So, let’s begin with the basic facts about EDB and PDF files.

About EDB File & PDF Files:

EDB Files: Exchange Server is an email management program that is used for internal networking globally. Exchange Server contains a record consisting of all mailboxes used by the user. It stops the emails to be obtained on various platforms or offline. There are many instances, where Exchange EDB files become damaged because of some database header file error or JET engine error. Some other reasons are also there like the dirty shutdown of the exchange server, failure of power, etc.

PDF Files: PDF files are a protective document that maintains all the data in a file in an intact form. The data contained in a PDF file cannot be modified by any other user as it is protected by some passwords. PDF files are mostly used world files for document saving of financial usage, business usage, and many more. It is a secure platform and a file format as compared to the EDB file format.

Lets us come to know the main reasons behind the conversion of EDB files into PDF files.

Reasons to Migrate EDB to PDF Files:

  • PDF is an open-source file format. It effectively eliminates the dependence on any particular exclusive mail formats.
  • These files also support platform sovereignty which permits users to observe it on any system. But there is a requirement of Adobe Reader in the system.
  • PDF file format containing emails can be obtained anytime without any dependence on the Exchange server.

Now, let’s move further to look over some manual methods that will help in converting EDB files into PDF file formats.

How to Convert EDB to PDF Online using some Manual Tricks?

Unfortunately, there is no direct manual method present. But don’t worry, we have an indirect way for you. In this way, you need to download Microsoft Outlook and Acrobat add-in in your system first.

Notice: If you want to use this method, Adobe Acrobat should be there on your system.

  1. Initially, start Microsoft Outlook on your machine.
  2. Then, navigate to the File menu in Outlook. Then, hit the options button.
  3. Now, press the Add-ins option from the options available.
  4. Now, scroll down to the bottom and find Manage: Com Add-ins. Just press the Go button.
  5. A Com Add-ins window opens up, just tick the Acrobat PDFMaker add-in box.
  6. Again return to the messages and pick messages or folder that you want to convert into PDF.

This manual way looks very easy to implement, but it has some flaws as well.

Flaws in Manual Way:

  • It may take a longer time to execute one step.
  • You may face complexity in steps issues with each step.
  • The problem arises again and again.
  • It is not a safe method as data modification could take place.

As you have observed these 4 flaws of the manual method, one may not opt for this. So, don’t panic, you can take a step further towards a secure method.

You can go with EDB Converter Software which is available online. This software provides a fast and secure conversion of EDB files into PDF. Also, it can convert EDB files into others like PDF, PST, EML, MSG, etc. Some more attractive features of this tool are as follows:


  • No database dismounting takes place while the conversion process.
  • Move Exchange mailboxes into MSG formats, and Unicode MSG formats.
  • Accepts damaged database files for conversion.
  • Expressive GUI which is used by any novice user.
  • Compatibility with all the topmost version of Windows and Mac OS.


This blog discussed both the EDB and PDF files first, then reasons for their migration. After that, methods to convert EDB to PDF online are described stepwise. The manual method is always not an appropriate one, any difficulties are there. So, to make a secure conversion, a direct and safer way also given in the above section. Users can take a deep breath and think which is a better way for them. I hope, this guide will make you happy after using the above methods.

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