SysInfoTools PDF Image Extractor v2.0     

Extract Images form Single PDF file.


Step-1 :- Launch SysInfoTools PDF Image Extractor v2.0 software window, select Single PDF file to extract selected PDF file(s) images.

Step-2 :- Select .pdf file from the open window.

Step-3 :- Selected file is displayed in the edit box, now click on "Next" button to continue the process.

Step-4 :- Please wait while image extracting process is running on your system.

Step-5 :- PDF file images are shown in opened window. Now click on "Next" button to save images.

Step-6 :- Click "Browse" button to select the destination path to save the extracted images and select the file fomat in which you want to save the extracted files.

Step-7 :- Select the location and click on "OK" button.

Step-8 :- Selected destination folder path will be shown in the editbox. Now click on "Save" button.

Step-9 :- Please wait while saving process is running on your system.

Step-10 :- After the saving process completed, a message will be displayed on your screen, click on "OK" button.


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