How to use SysInfoTools Outlook Duplicate Remover software?

Step 1: Launch SysInfoTools Outlook Duplicate Remover tool on your system. Check single or multiple files box and click Browse button.

Step 2: Make sure the PST file you are going to open is neither password-protected nor password protected. 

Step 3: Select the PST file from the list from which you want to remove the duplicate items. Click Open button.

Step 4: The selected PST file (with its name and location) will be displayed in the edit section. Click Next to continue the process. 

Step 5: The selected PST file will be scanned and its mailbox data will be shown in a tree structure. You can check the file information here. Check the mailbox folder(s) and click Next button.

Step 6: Now select the search options provided there. You can also select date range option in which you can select a predefined date range or you can define it manually. Click Next button.

Step 7: Select the comparison criteria by checing the boxes. It will provide you an option for removing the duplicates in the original file or you can create a new PST file at user-defined location. Click Browse button. 

Step 8: You can select any location from the list. For e.g. Desktop. Click OK .

Step 9: The selected location will be displayed in the edit section. Click Next to continue the process .

Step 10: The summary of the process which is going to be conducted on your system, will be displayed here. You can read that. Click Run Task button to start the action .

Step 11: Please wait while the process is being conducted on your system .

Step 12: The process will be completed within a couple of minutes. Click OK.

Step 13: Now click Close button to close the software application. Click Yes.


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