The advanced NSF Merge tool of SysInfoTools Software can merge/combine your multiple NSF database files into a single file. It performs a very safe merging action of selected NSF database files without causing any changes or damage to the original files. It has an advanced search feature that helps you search the NSF files from your system  in an automation mode. It provides multiple options for merging selected NSF files, such as: Join NSF , Merge NSF and Merge Contact . It allows users to remove duplicates from the selected NSF database files, exclude All Documents folder and exclude trash folder. Using this tool, users can save new output NSF database file with a new name at user-defined location. Any technical and non-technical user can use this tool with ease as it has an interactive GUI.

Key features of SysInfoTools NSF Merge tool are:
  • Performs safe merging action of selected NSF files without causing any changes or damage;

  • Combines multiple NSF files into a single file at a time, i.e. no maximum limit for files selection;

  • Provides multiple options for merging process:

    1. Join NSF option to join NSF files by creating new folder for each selected NSF files;
    2. Merge NSF option to merge all folders of selected NSF files into new NSF file;
    3. Merge Contact option to merge only contacts of selected NSF files into a new NSF file.

  • Allows users to remove the duplicate items with filter with created data feature;

  • Provides options for excluding All Documents folder as well as Trash folder (optional);

  • Allows users to save output at user-defined location with a new name;

  • Highly interactive and user-friendly interface, i.e. no technical knowledge is required;

  • Supports all major versions of IBM Lotus Notes and Windows operating systems;

  • Available with demo version for free evaluation purpose.

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