The NSF Split  tool of SysInfoTools Software is the only available solution for splitting NSF database files of IBM Notes (formerly known as Lotus notes). Software can successfully split a large sized NSF database into multiple parts in a very safe mode. It does not perform any changes, alteration or data loss during the action of NSF splitting. Any technical or non-technical user can use this tool with ease. It doesn't require any prior technical expertise.

There are multiple options in this tool for splitting an NSF database file: Split  NSF by size option for splitting NSF database according to a definite file size. You need to define a file size by which the NSF database file will be split into multiple parts; Split NSF by date option for splitting the NSF database file according to a data range, either predefined or defined by the users; and Split NSF by sender email IDs option for saving only those emails which have been received from the selected email IDs into a new NSF file.

The prominent features of this NSF Split tool are:

  • Performs safe splitting of NSF database file into multiple smaller parts;

  • Supports multiple options to split NSF: split NSF by size, by date and by sender email ID ;

  • Also supports creation of single NSF file or separate files for selected folders;

  • Auto-detects the information of NSF database before starting the actual operation; 

  • Provides independent saving of new NSF database files at user-defined location;

  • Wide support for all versions of IBM Notes, including the latest 9.0.1;

  • No prior technical knowledge is required, software contains an easy and interactive user interface; 

  • Demo version is available for free evaluation 

Important note:

Make sure the NSF database file which you want to split, is not corrupt or invalid. The NSF Split  software doesn't support corrupt NSF database files.

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