SysInfoTools Zip Recovery v2.0     

When the situation of ZIP file corruption occurs with users then what would be the better one as SysInfoTools ZIP Repair Tool. SysInfoTools ZIP Repair is the most requisite software application for those users who mostly tackle with the situation of ZIP file corruption. It helps users to repair their highly corrupt or badly damaged ZIP files without taking much time, i.e. a couple of minutes and the originality of data will be maintained very nicely during recovery action.

A ZIP file can be easily corrupted by any minor or major issue. But whenever it corrupts the result is surely unexpected and quite painful. There are unlimited reasons due to which a ZIP can be suffered. Some of the common reasons are stated below:
  • Sometimes there are virus attacks which affect the ZIP file.
  • A sudden power failure of system or power outage can also damage the ZIP file.
  • Whenever an error or crash takes place in system hard drive all files including the ZIP file get damaged or corrupted.
  • Interruption or disturbance in internet connection while uploading or downloading a ZIP file.
  • Malfunction of hardware or software can play a lead role in ZIP file corruption.

Any particular reason from above can badly affect the ZIP file. These errors are very harmful that even a single error can damage the whole ZIP archive. And to get their ZIP files back users have to repair their ZIP files.

SysInfoTools ZIP Repair tool comes with a wide range of advanced and unique features which provide more help to suffered users. With the help of this program users can recover or repair their corrupt ZIP files. An advanced algorithm technique is used by this tool which first scans the whole ZIP file and then successfully recovers the data from it. Just have a look on the features of SysInfoTools ZIP Repair tool:

Key Features to Repair Corrupt ZIP files:

  • A very new and user friendly graphical interface.
  • Recovery of Single or Multiple ZIP files can be easily performed by this tool.
  • Recovery of ZIP files in two recovery modes: "Standard Mode" or "Advanced Mode".
  • Data can be extracted from the .zip file(s) by "Advanced Recovery Mode"
  • Recovered file items can be viewed on the preview window.
  • ZIP files at anywhere in the system can be easily searched by this tool.
  • Large sized ZIP files can be easily recovered or repaired by this tool.
  • All ZIP compression modes are easily supported by this tool.
  • Recovered ZIP files can be saved at users’ desired location.
  • Very easy to use in nature as no technical knowledge is required at all.

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