PST Compress and Compact v5.0 from SysInfoTools is a powerful innovative software application, which is designed to compress and compact large sized PST files of MS Outlook without hampering the integrity of data. Using PST Compress and Compact software, users can easily compress or shrink single or multiple Outlook PST archives created irrespective of using any version of MS Outlook. PST Compress and Compact from SysInfoTools is a feature-rich powerful compression utility that lets users to compress Outlook PST files without requiring any technical knowledge.

PST Compress and Compact from SysInfoTools is a reliable, innovative and highly productive MS Outlook PST compression tool that provides the users with immediate compressed PST files. The software simplifies PST files management on your computer and is perfect solution for compressing and compacting multiple PST files. PST Compress and Compact from SysInfoTools allows users to remove extra or unused space from PST file by removing big attachments and storing them either in a separate folder or in PST itself in a compressed form. In this way it compresses the file in a very safe manner. The software is an easy-to-use application with self-explaining user interface. Using this tool any technical or non-technical user can compress PST files without bothering about the data integrity of PST files.

Key features of SysInfoTools PST Compress and Compact:

  • Easy to use, highly interactive and attractive user interface.
  • Password can be applied in new PST file(s).
  • Multiple PST files can be compressed simultaneously, i.e. supports batch compression of PST files.
  • Compresses PST files including the attachments.
  • Easy and safe to install.
  • Non-destructive in nature i.e. retains the originality of PST files after compression.
  • Supports removing of attachments from PST files.
  • Removes extra space or unused space from PST file.
  • Add new PST file(s) in MS Outlook profile.
  • Available with free demo version.
Updated features:

  • Various changes have been performed in software and its user interface, making it much more robust and even more appealing GUI (Graphic User Interface).
  • Supports all major versions of MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and including the higher version MS Outlook.
  • Supports ANSI PST and Unicode PST files.
  • Minot bug fixed in the software.

Important notes:

  • The PST file(s) you are going to select for compression must not be corrupted. They must be normal files and in working manner.
  • The MS Outlook application must be installed in your system.
  • The selected PST file(s) must not be password-protected. The software doesn't support compression of password-protected PST files. We recommend you to use SysInfoTools PST Password Recovery to unprotect your PST files.

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