Button Used
Click on Home button to go to the start screen of the software.
Click on Add PST files button to add PST file(s) in the list.
Click on Search PST files button to search PST file(s) from the system directory.
Click on Remove button to remove selected PST file(s) from the list.
Click on Remove All button to remove all the PST files from the list.
Click on Back button to go to previous step of the software.
Click on Next button to go the next step of the software..
Click on Stop button to stop the running process.
Click on Browse button to select any location to save new PST file(s).
Click on Close button to close the software application.
Open the User’s Help guide of SysInfoTools PST Compress and Compact.
  • Help: Select this option to view Help manual of the software.
  • Software Homepage: Select this option to visit the Software wabpage.
  • About: Select this option to view version information and software support details of the software.

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