How to use SysInfoTools PDF Restriction Remover software?

Step 1: Launch PDF Restriction Remover  tool on your system. Now select either single file or multiple files and click Browse button.

Step 2: Make sure the PDF file(s) you are going to select, is not corrupt. Click OK to confirm it. 

Step 3: Select the PDF file from the list from which you want to remove protection. Click Open to confirm your file selection.

Step 4: The selected PDF file will be listed here in the edit box. Click Next to continue the process. 

Step 5: The Meta data properties and all other information of the selected PDF file will be displayed here. Click Next to continue the process.

Step 6: The Output PDF File Description will be shown here. You can edit them as per your requirement. Click Browse to select a location.

Step 7: Define a location on your system at where you want to save the output file. Click OK to confirm your selection

Step 8: You can give a new name to your output PDF file. Now click Unprotect PDF button to start the actual process.

Step 9: Within a couple of seconds, the process will be completed. Click OK .

Step 10: Now click Close or X button to close the software application. Click Yes .

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