SysInfoTools PDF Protect & Unprotect tool is the smartest way to protect PDF files as well as unprotect them by removing PDF password and security restrictions. Users are allowed to select single as well as multiple PDF files to perform batch operation in one go. The tool supports applying passwords (owner as well as users) and all other types of security parameters according to common PDF encryption levels which are: 40-bit, 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES, 256-bit RC4 and 256-bit AES.

This advanced tool performs operation in a highly safe mode without causing any changes or unwanted modification to the original PDF files. It only applies or removes the passwords and other security parameters from the PDF files. Instead of making changes to the original files, it creates new output file(s) at user-defined location and keeps the selected PDF file(s) intact or unchanged. 

The PDF Protect & Unprotect tool is enhanced with an intuitive user interface which is extremely easy-to-operate. Any technical on non-technical user can use this tool with ease. It does not require any prior technical skills, so that even a novice user can easily operate it.

Key features of SysInfoTools PDF Protect & Unprotect tool:

  • Performs PDF protection and PDF restriction removal at the same time;
  • Supports batch operation in which multiple PDF files can be selected at a time;
  • Supports PDF password protection with owner as well as user password;
  • Removes PDF password to unprotect the PDF documents;
  • Applies various types of security parameters on the PDF files;
  • Safely removes the security restrictions which are existed on the files;
  • Enables modification of PDF file description if needed (optional);
  • Easy-to-use application, i.e. requires no prior technical knowledge;
  • Available with demo version for free evaluation purpose.

Important note: PDF Protect & Unprotect tool does not work with corrupt PDF files. In case of corruption, you need to repair your PDF files first. To repair PDF files, you can try advanced PDF Repair tool of SysInfoTools Software. Once your PDF files are repaired, you can easily use this tool for PDF protection and PDF restriction removal.


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