Need help with simple row calculation ?

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Need help with simple row calculation ?

Postby Elwood M. Walker » Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:00 am


I have a pretty simple spreadsheet.
I just need to use a formula, that takes each row individually, and multiples one cell (column K cell) by 2.5 then places the result of that,
in the last cell in the row, (column S) cell.
All rows will use the same calculation, just for their own rows. And I do not need to total this at the bottom.
I am just looking for the easiest way to add in this formula for all cells in column S, so all the rows end up with their results, in their K cells.

Elwood M. Walker
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Re: Need help with simple row calculation ?

Postby Bryan L. Warfield » Tue Jul 29, 2014 10:50 am


I'll assume you have headers on your columns so that the first row with data is row 2. In cell S2 type the formula
Code: Select all
=K2 * 2.5

There are many ways to fill this down the rest of the column. First click on S2 so that it is surrounded by a dark border and has a small black square at the lower right. If column R is full of data, you can double click on that small black square and the formula will automatically fill down to the last occupied row. You can also click and hold on the black square and drag it down the column to fill cells with the formula. In either case, the formula will automatically adjust so that it applies to the K cell in the same row.

I hope this will helps you
Bryan L. Warfield
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