Blank page no longer showing in Page Preview or PDF !

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Blank page no longer showing in Page Preview or PDF !

Postby Jalium » Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:43 am


I'm setting up a book template. I have one page style for the first page of a chapter, and another page style for the other pages of the chapter. As per the docs (I think), I set up the first page as a 'right page only', so that a blank page gets inserted before it if necessary, in the event of the previous chapter finishing on an odd page.
I was delighted to see that this initially seemed to work, and when I looked in 'page preview', sure enough there was the necessary blank page, with the words 'blank page' on it.

However, after adding some more text to the previous chapter, the page numbers still skip (from 13-15) but there is no sign of the blank page in the page preview and no sign of it in the PDF export, so that unfortunately, page 15 shows up numbered as 15, but where page 14 should be - ie on the left hand side of the two page view, even though it's 'right page only'.
I've tried saving and reopening, updating, monkeying around.

Any ideas what I did or how I can get my blank page back?

Many thanks!
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Re: Blank page no longer showing in Page Preview or PDF !

Postby UniSET » Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:12 am


Please follow the steps given bellow:
1) Tools
2) Options
3) OpenOffice Writer : Print (/Options is under Preferences on a Mac) and check Other : Print automatically inserted blank pages. These do not have a header/footer and hence no page number. As PDF generation is effectively a Printing option this inserts the blank page into the PDF when you make it.

Hope this will help you..
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