Problem to build a query in order to exclude some records

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Problem to build a query in order to exclude some records

Postby Jill R. Lipe » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:51 am


I have a difficult problem (because of my own capabilities).
I have a table (tblFoods) which includes a number of food with their analyzes. I have a second table (tblExclusiveFoods) which is connected with a third table (tblCustomers) with one-to-many relation. Namely, o tblCustomers is the "One" and tblExclusiveFoods is the "Many".

The problem is the following:

Into table tblExclusiveFoods there is a field that acts like a ComboBox and gets data from the tblFoods such as drop-down-menu. So, using the combo box i can select the foodID from tblFoods and then showing into ex-food field which is a part of the tblExclusiveFoods fields.

What i need is:
When i collect the foodID's from the tblFoods, i would like to to build a query which will exclude these foods from the tblFoods.
I would like to thank you in advanced

Jill R. Lipe
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