A Brief About Lotus Notes NSF to EML Converter

IBM Notes is a collaborative client-server application, with "IBM Notes" as a client and "IBM Domino" as a server part. It is a contemporary enterprise email client system integrated with instant messaging, browsing, micro-blogging, file sharing, team rooms and other smart business applications. IBM Notes is strongly known for its security feature, none other than this email clients offer you secured platform as much IBM Notes can. You can apply ACL encryption to your NSF files or encrypt any email while sending or receiving. Moreover we can say IBM Lotus Notes helps you in working smarter, faster and brings entire world to your desktop. Any of us can download the free trial version of IBM Notesto experience its functionality.

E-communication globally with the Lotus Notes comes under the smallest part of its inbuilt applications. It offers you several default and customized folder like Mailbox, All Document, To-do, Task, Calendars, Contacts etc. NSF files have a major drawback that it can't open on another platforms, whereas EML is another file format i.e. widely accepted by other email clients like Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird and many more. That's why people used to convert Lotus Notes to EML and for that SysInfoTools NSF to EML converter is the best one to export.

How to Convert Lotus Notes Emails to EML format

The NSF to EML tool brings entire data holders of Lotus Notes that we have discussed above. To convert all the data items we need to upload the two main files, username.nsf that specifically preservers the data of all Mailboxes with all internal properties like internet headers or attachments, Calendar, Task, To-do and names.nsf that holds the address book of Lotus Notes. Simply Add the desired files to the NSF to EML converter and software perform the task smoothly. Once the data exports from Lotus Notes to EML file, you will find there will be no loss of meta data, attachments, folder structure, means data will remain as it is after the conversion.

How to Export Multiple NSF Files to EML?

When we use any email client (here IBM Lotus Notes) for an e-communication purpose then it create separate NSF file per user or employee. Now anyone can have the idea how many files of Lotus Notes comprises within their database. In that case, conversion of multiple Lotus Notes NSF files one by one will definitely consume your hours or days, so our NSF to EML converter is facilitate with the feature that you can export multiple NSF files to EML effortlessly. There are no any limitation on the number of files to convert. Simply launch the NSF to EML tool and click on Add NSF File, refer the mention below screenshot.

nsf to eml converter

As you click on the Add NSF file there will be pop window will open, in which you can select the multiple NSF files to export them from Lotus Notes to EML and then click on Open button, refer the mention below screenshot.

nsf to eml

Sometimes situations are arises due to which an organizations need to export complete database from Lotus Notes to EML format as mention below:

Why We Do NSF to EML Conversion

  • Archiving - Data backup is one of the most essential area of IT industry whether it is a small or big. Every organization kept the copy of important data, prior employee details so that it can be used on further demands. Archiving is the best way to keep your older employee work details as a backup. Every email client like as Lotus Notes has inbuilt functionality to archive the older emails or events automatically and saves them in archive.nsf file. But the question is why we need to do NSF to EML conversion in case of archiving? Here is your answer.. we all are familiar that NSF files are proprietary to only Lotus Notes they can't be open on another platform except IBM Notes, hence the problem is same with the archive.nsf file. This is the point of time where we need to export Lotus Notes email to EML messages as EML files are independent to open, view and read. That's why every organization saves their complete back up of Lotus Notes database to EML format.
  • Switching of Platforms - switching is the most common reason that can be seen behind the NSF to EML conversion. Lotus Notes is a collaborative application mainly develop for the enterprise organization instead of individual usage. Many a times we read a case study like due to productivity issues or phasing sharing data problem an "xyz company" has changed their email client i.e. Lotus Notes to Outlook Express, Apple Mail or etc. in such scenarios the best option to choose a file format i.e. independent and widely accepted by every email clients. According to survey NSF to EML conversion is an ideal solution to export Lotus Notes database.
  • Complex & Expensive - IBM Notes is highly complicated as it designed for enterprise application so it hard to handle by non-technical user. Along with this it is highly expensive and can't be affordable by small organizations.

How to use Search & Preview Option

Search Option - NSF to EML converter is facilitate with advance search option. It helps in many ways to convert Lotus Notes to EML format. Suppose an organization "xyz" have 500 employee and each employee posses an email account for their work and each account comprises with 10 to 15 NSF files. Now you can imagine if an admin has to search an individual file to export Lotus Notes email to EML messages then how can he accomplish the task. It's really a very tedious and hectic work to search a particular NSF file and convert them into EML format. here you can take the help of SysInfoTools NSF to EML converter as it offers "Search Option" which is directly dumped into the file directory of Lotus Notes and finds a particular files from the same or from sub folders. Once the files get selected NSF to EML converter starts the scanning procedure to separate the mails and contacts for the conversion.

Preview Option - It is available in order to view the folder structure and meta properties of emails before export them into EML format. This way user can get the idea of how their NSF files will be look like after the NSF to EML conversion.

How to Filter out NSF Files on the basis of Date Range?

Many a times it happens that our database is filled with so many unwanted emails, former events, older contacts details and many more instead of desired data content. When we are going to export Lotus Notes email to EML format then we can define the date range on that basis NSF to EML tool will export the entire data comes within the given date range. You can use the predefine parameters like "Last 1 week items" or "Last 1 Year items" to export the desired Lotus Notes NSF emails. This way, you can minimize the time and get the precise data after the Lotus Notes to EML conversion.

Lotus Notes nsf to eml

Pros of SysInfoTools NSF to EML Converter

  • Convert Multiple Lotus Notes NSF to EML Files at once without any size or number of files limitation
  • Export selected Lotus Notes email to EML message with the help of Date Range Feature.
  • Light weight native application with ultra fast speed as comparison to other software.
  • Ensure maximum speed with lowest Footprint of exe file hence easy to download and install.
  • Available Search & Preview option to provide ease in NSF to EML conversion process.
  • Completely export Lotus Notes data files with all meta properties, internet headers, attachments etc.

It's not like, that you have to rely on third party tool to do NSF to EML conversion, there is a commendable blog through which anyone can save Lotus Notes email to EML format manually. But this manual method is useful in the case of few email conversion. If you need to export multiple files with full accuracy then go for SysInfoTools NSF to EML converter.