How to Transfer Outlook Emails to Yahoo Mail?

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    June 26th, 2020
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In this blog, we are going to discuss the solutions regarding “how to transfer Outlook emails to Yahoo mail” efficiently. It’s difficult to cooperate with a world without emails, which can clarify why a huge number of people went to Yahoo Mail and other free Web-based email platforms for flexible connectivity. 

Among all other web platforms, Yahoo is one of the most well known free email clients. Both Outlook and Yahoo are great individuals well known for their email assistance.  Yahoo is an email client dependent on the web browser, while Outlook is both an email client dependent on the browser and a desktop user. Clients utilizing desktops have all their Outlook information saved in the system directory. Therefore, Outlook data can be easily viewed after importing Outlook PST files to Yahoo Mail.

Now, focusing on Benefits and  How-Tos to refrain from the statement.

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Advantages of Yahoo mail:

  • In Contrast with Outlook, Yahoo mail is free and effective. Because you have to buy Microsoft Office Suite for Outlook. 
  • Norton Antivirus is accessible to ensure your information against any intruding virus. In this way, there’s no compelling reason to stress over lost information.
  • Yahoo has huge data storage, so the user doesn’t have to worry about deleting unnecessary mails as it will take longer to fill the storage up.

Now, let’s focus on the manual procedure of transferring Outlook emails to Yahoo mail. 

Import PST file to Yahoo Mail Manually:

  1. Open the MS Outlook application on your web browser and then redirect to the File tab.
  2. In the File tab, hit the Add Account button and choose option ” manual step”.
  3. Next, pick POP/IMAP >> hit Next to proceed.
  4. Then, enter your server details and attach your Yahoo account using genuine credentials.
  5. Hit the More Settings button next.
  6. Pick the Outgoing Server tab in the next window.
  7. Tick (SMTP) for server authentication and pick ”Use the same settings as my incoming mail server” option.
  8.  Opt the Advanced tab and then change the settings as given below.

Incoming server: IMAP

Port: 993 or 143

Encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing server: SMTP

Port: 587 or 465

Encrypted connection: TLS or Auto

  1. Now, tap the  Finish button >> Next.
  2.  Again, press Next after successful setup completion.
  3. Now, in the following pop-up message, tap the Finish button to migrate Outlook PST to Yahoo Mail. 
  4.  After setup, you can view that your Outlook messages are successfully loaded to your Yahoo mail.
  5.  Pick a folder from the Outlook PST you wish to migrate. Drag and drop the folder into the Yahoo mailbox.
  6. Later, access the folder where you migrated your PST files with the help of your account details. 

How to Transfer Outlook Emails to Yahoo Mail with Software:

Even though manual utilities degrade the integrity of the data due to no promising stability, it is recommended to use Expert solution instead. One such recommendation is a PST To Yahoo Converter. A user can migrate Outlook PST to Yahoo mail with a single click. Let’s take a look at the utilities’ profound attributes and working procedure.

Advanced Features of the Utility:

  • Export Outlook PST to MBOX, PDF, EML, MSG etc. file extensions.
  • Migrate Outlook PST to Hotmail, Yahoo, and  Gmail.
  • Divide the resultant MBOX file, if it exceeds above 500 MB.
  • Retains the similar tree structure for the resultant file same as the PST file. 

Working Procedure:

  • Download and install the PST converter utility on your system. Next, tap the Add file button.
  • Choose a  PST file from the system directory.
  • Opt single-mode and choose a  file format in which you wish to convert your PST files, then hit Next to proceed.
  • Choose a PST file/folder and then hit the Convert button.
  • From here, you can choose the save to Yahoo option from the list of file formats, then adjust different saving settings and tap the Apply button.
  • Apply different features like date range and naming convention to exclude the unimportant one and rename the crucial ones.
  • Pick an affirmative location other than the original, to save the resultant file.
  • Hit Ok on the successful conversion dialogue box.

Summing It Up:

In the above blog ‘’how to transfer Outlook emails to Yahoo mail’’ all the relevant techniques have been displayed. The manual procedure can leave a person stressed out, if not followed step-wise. To avoid any inconsistency ratio in the data such as errors, non-accessible files, etc. choose a verified to resolve any data issues. One might find this blog comprehending, so choose wisely between manual and the alternatives.

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