Easy Strategies to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail with Attachments

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    August 29th, 2019
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    February 23, 2021
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In this new era of digitalization, the usage of Gmail Application is at boom. Every user is willing to have their email account on Gmail but there are some other users who have got stuck in Hotmail and other email clients. So it will be convenient for you if I tell you the techniques to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail and start using Gmail for sending and receiving emails.

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Need for Moving Hotmail Emails to Gmail

  • Gmail has many unique features than Hotmail.
  • These days the most trending email client is Gmail.
  • Gmail provides more storage space than Hotmail.
  • It stores contacts, calendars, and schedules meetings as well.
  •  Easy-to-manage Graphical user interface.

How to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail

I’ll tell you two easy techniques through which you can easily import all Hotmail emails into Gmail without losing a single data from any email.

Try Gmail Inbuilt Utility

  • Launch the Gmail Application and then log in.
  • Click on Gear icon on the top and then open Settings.
  • Now, go to Account and Import Tab and then Click on Import Mail and contacts option.
Accounts and Import Tab
  • Type the Hotmail Email Address and click on Continue.
Enter Hotmail Email Address
  • Now, you should provide your Hotmail Password to initiate the transfer process.
Provide Hotmail Password
  • In the end, select the email options that you want to migrate from Hotmail to Gmail.
Select Emails to be Transferred

Once the whole process completes, you can view all the Hotmail emails into your Gmail account with all the attachments.

Try Hotmail Backup Tool

There is another way out to export Hotmail emails directly to Gmail. You can use Hotmail Backup Tool to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail with attachments. This is the best solution for your query but you will have to lose your pockets as it is not free. I have told you the free method for Hotmail to Gmail conversion. If it works properly then it is fine otherwise you have to purchase Hotmail backup tool for moving emails from Hotmail to Gmail.

Hotmail backup tool is the finest invention for downloading and transferring Hotmail emails and ff you are a Mac user then you have to purchase the same software with Mac version. This software runs smoothly on every version of Mac and Windows. Before making any investment in the software, you can try the demo version of it to evaluate the performance of the software.

Steps to Export Hotmail to Gmail

  • Download either Mac or Windows version of Hotmail Backup Tool and Launch it.
  • Provide the Credentials of your Hotmail Account and Login.
  • Now, Select the Email file format as Gmail and Continue.
  • Enter the Email Address and Password of your Gmail Account.
  • Now the software will export all the emails from Hotmail to Gmail.

Once the whole process completes and you get the confirmation message then close the software and open your Gmail account. I hope now you can see all the emails and their attachments in your Gmail account which were earlier present in your Hotmail account.

If you also want to export Hotmail emails to other email clients then you can do the same with the help of the same software. Move Hotmail Emails to Hard drive. There are many options of other email clients as well present in this software. You are also allowed to save and backup Hotmail emails in various file formats.


Well, going with the professional software is basically hitting two birds with one arrow because you can convert Hotmail to Gmail and to other email clients as well. If you are comfortable with the manual method then it is good and you have saved your money. If in case you are opting Hotmail Backup Tool then it will cost you some money. The choice is yours and you have to decide which method would be best. I hope you liked this blog.

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