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    June 12th, 2014
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Advancement in technology is increasing day by day either it is Artificial Intelligence or Web services. But the common point in technology is Internet Access. Every user wants internet access on his computer, laptop, and mobile phones. Therefore, in this article, I would like to share some techniques which include internet sharing with tethering and with the help of internet tethering you can easily share internet connections among a group of friends.

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Here in this article, we have shared how internet sharing has gone to another level. In our early learning days, we were used to hearing a lot about internet connection sharing. But the tech specialists have made it handy these days.

Internet Sharing Using Tethering Feature

Every Smartphone now provides a feature which allows the user to share the mobile internet with his computer. It comes with a flexibility that you may use this feature with or with any cable to create connectivity between the cell phone and the computer.

You may use any of the three options available in your cell phone to tether internet or enable internet sharing on your other smartphone or Computer.

Note – Wired tethering not possible between two Smartphones

  1. Wifi Tethering (Mobile Hotspot)
  2. Wired Tethering (USB Tethering)
  3. Bluetooth Tethering

Internet Sharing via Wifi (Mobile Hotspot)

If you have any Wi-Fi enabled device like a smartphone or a laptop, you may use this feature to share internet by enabling Mobile Hotspot in a device. The process can be seen in the image below.


Internet Sharing via Wired Tethering (USB Tethering)

In this option, we use a data cable that connects the internet-enabled mobile device with the computer. We usually prefer to use this option as while the internet sharing is on, the cell phone sharing internet is charged simultaneously. The mobile phone gives internet access to the PC but the user needs a USB wire for executing the whole sharing process.

The PC must have a mobile suite installed of the respective mobile company otherwise the system will not support the internet access from the mobile phone.

Bluetooth Tethering

Bluetooth tethering grants access to the devices that are not built with Wi-Fi. Using this option we can start internet sharing with devices that are only Bluetooth enabled. First, you have to connect the mobile phone with the PC or other device using Bluetooth. It is mandatory for both the devices to have a Bluetooth option otherwise the Internet tethering will fail. Once you get connect successfully with the PC using Bluetooth then you can easily access the internet on the PC.

Broadband Plugins

The broadband plugins always look like a pen drive but actually, they are not a pen drive. There is a SIM Card inserted in the Plugin and when the dongle is connected to the PC it gives internet access to the users. This device is also used for Internet Sharing these days.

So now that you are well aware of how you can access these options available in your Smartphone. Let us tell you that you can also make your computer into a Hotspot device to share the internet with Wi-Fi enabled devices. (Smartphone or other Laptops).


Well, you know the various internet sharing with tethering options. You can try any of them because every technique will give internet access to you on your PC and you can easily browse all the websites. Don’t worry about the internet speed because it will be as same as it is on the mobile. I hope now you’ll not face any issue while giving internet access to PC using mobile phones tethering options.

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