How to Sync Outlook contacts to Gmail Account??

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    June 14th, 2019
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    February 26, 2021
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It could have happened to you that earlier you were using MS Outlook and recently you have switched to Gmail. Now, the problem arises that you wish to transfer all your MS Outlook contacts to Gmail and continue working with Gmail without losing your important contacts. In case you need to use both the email accounts simultaneously, you can sync Outlook contacts to Gmail account.

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So, without wasting much time, let us discuss the procedure to transfer or synchronize Outlook contacts to Gmail account.

Method to Sync Outlook Contacts to Gmail Account

It is processed into different parts:

  1. Export contacts from Outlook.
  2. Import Contact in Gmail Account.

Export from Outlook 

  • Open your Outlook application and click the file tab option from the screen.
  • Select “open & export” button on the left side and then “import/export”.
  • Pick “Export to a file” option under the Choose an action to perform and hit the NEXT
  • Choose “comma separated values”. Click next.
  • Under Select folder to export from pick Contacts(This computer only). Click next
  • Select the folder from the browse dialog box to save the contacts .csv file. Click OK.
  • Here you will get the chance to map the custom fields according to your Outlook fields to level the mismatch fields
  • Click OK when you perform the mapping process.
  • Hit the Finish tab to complete the export procedure.

Import contacts.csv file into Gmail

  • Open Google browser and sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Select Contacts option from the right side of the screen.
  • Here click on the import contacts button.
  • Choose the select file option.
  • Select the .csv file you want to import into your Gmail account.
  • Now press the import tab to start the contacts import process.
  • Select the duplicates option to merge the duplicate contacts from the left side of the visible window.

Now all you have is an address book full of contacts that you can quickly start emailing. That said, this is a one-time deal, signifying that when you will make any changes to the contacts in one email client or service, the other client or service won’t reflect the changes.

Sync/Transfer Outlook Contacts to Gmail Account With Easy Way

The above-discussed method is very lengthy and also needs expert tech knowledge to perform the action. So you can save your valuable time by using the SysInfoTools Outlook PST Converter Software. This tool is capable of converting Outlook files into Gmail and various other file formats. It comes with smart algorithms which can transfer Outlook files along with other attachments like contacts, tasks, notes, etc to Gmail, PDF, MBOX, Yahoo, etc.

Using this software will make your outlook to Gmail sync more easy and time-saving. And your data will be totally safe during the conversion process.

Bottom line

So you are now able to understand the procedure of sync outlook contacts to Gmail account by using the manual method. But the third party tool is always a better option for both the technical and non-technical person.

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