What is Outlook Error 0x80070002 – How to Resolve it?

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    June 1st, 2020
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    June 21, 2021
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Microsoft has a number of people from the business sector in particular who depend on Microsoft Outlook to handle their emails and other communications. Some do using Outlook for personal communications. Yet occasionally it throws an error with code 0x80070002, when generating a new email address.

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Outlook is the best email client for managing your communication and email data. The reason people prefer this email client is its features and rich user experience. But due to some technical issues like corrupt directory and PST file, users face error messages. One of the annoying Outlook Error is 0x80070002. 

This key issue behind this error is that it corrupts the file structure or is inaccessible to the directory where this mail client wanted to create Personal Storage Table files or PST files. And often you face issues of sending or receiving emails when you already have an account set up within the company.

Main Causes of Outlook 0x80070002 Error:

  • Outlook is easy to use and is user friendly. The operating system compatibility dispute is one of the leading causes of Microsoft Outlook error 0x80070002. Most aren’t conscious of the OS dispute as end-users and this is why we can not understand the issue where the Outlook program performed fine until the last second and all of a sudden begins to produce errors like 0x80070002.
  • Outlook profile provides a different set of configurations and settings. It has an end number of users, regardless of its usability. Others do this in their workplaces and some do it at home. They make use of outlook according to their preference. A corrupted PST file is one of the root causes of the ‘Error 0x80070002’ in degradation of Outlook profiles.

As there are a lot of causes behind this Outlook error. So, let’s fix this issue using some simple and easy DIYs.


Though the stated method is tested one and it can remove the issue but sometimes it could be hectic and tiresome to perform this approach. It also can’t tackle the bigger corruption issues, so it’s better to use an effective utility software that guarantees the repair and removes the error. One of the trusted utilities is Sysinfo PST Recovery Software that makes the recovery of PST mailbox data easy. So, use this utility to get quick and secure solutions. 

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