( Solved) : Easy Steps to Fix “Outlook data file cannot be accessed “

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Looking for the easy steps to get over the most irritating error  of MS outlook “ Outlook data file cannot be accessed

I am here, to tell you the best possible way to fix “Outlook data file cannot be accessed”: MS Outlook error 0x8004010F

Let me tell you this is the most annoying error of Outlook I have ever faced.  You must be aware of the feeling how irritating is to face such superfluous error when you are on the verge of completing some important task in Outlook.

Most importantly being frequent Outlook users you must know the easy way to solve and get rid of errors like this.  We can be encountered by any of the Outlook errors at any moment of time as there are dozens of error which users may face during the use of Outlook email client.

So, Who wants to lose their important data? Obviously No one. So it’s our soul duty to make sure that in coming future we avoid the chances of error popping up at your screen.

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Before initiating the method to Fix Outlook data file cannot be accessed -Outlook error 0x8004010F. I would like to give you a brief overview of this Outlook Error “Outlook data file cannot be accessed’ and the reason behind this error,

What is Outlook Error 0x8004010F


This error 0x8004010f is quite annoying of all the errors of Outlook, as it put a stop to access your important Outlook data file.  It pop ups normally during the ‘Send/ Receive’ operation with a message:

 “Sending reported error (0x8004010F): ‘Outlook data file cannot be accessed.’”

“0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object could not be found”

These are two most commonly Outlook errors which usually prompt when you try to

  • Receive or send email in Outlook.
  • Configure email account
  • Synchronize Offline Outlook Data File
  • Synchronize offline address book.

Some possible reasons behind the error “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” and the “operation failed. An object could not be found“.

  • Wrong Location of PST files
  • PST files are moved to other location.
  • Upgrading Of  Outlook
  • Information which is Stored has invalid Entry ID pointing to folders where clients have nothing to download.
  • OST file had become either corrupt or unusable.
  • MS Outlook profile is not tested properly.

Easy steps to rectify the most irritating error “Outlook data file cannot be accessed”

Method 1 ( For Outlook 2010 users)

 Note: Follow the above method when you do not use MS  Outlook with Exchange Server

  1. Open your MS Outlook 2010 profile, and Go to File -> Account Settings -> and again Account Settings
  1. Navigate to Outlook Folder –> New Outlook Data File. Now give a temporary name to your data files
  2. Now click + icon to expand all the subfolders. Once it is expanded, Go to Inbox and then click OK.
  3. Now just choose the Change Folder and then the another folder which you want.
  4. Once more click + icon and expand the subfolder, chose inbox and click OK.

Now, Close yours Account Settings page and click Send/Receive Option

So now when you will send or receive an email, you will no longer receive this error.

So, with this method the only user of Outlook 2010 user can fix this error Outlook data file cannot be accessed. This approach is not successful for those who are using Outlook 2013 and whose Outlook profile is connected to Exchange Server.  In that case, you can follow the below steps.

Method 2

Users can also solve MS Outlook error  “Outlook data file cannot be accessed”  by  new Outlook profile creation

Note:  It is not successful for the one who is having multiple email account in Outlook.

Follow the another below steps to fix ‘Outlook data file cannot be accessed” -MS Outlook error 0x8004010f.

Click on Start ->then  Control Panel -> Mail, and then choose Show Profiles in the Mail Setup – Click on Outlook dialog box. Tap on your Outlook profile and Click the  Properties button.

Outlook error

Now click the Data Files which open ups the Account Settings dialogue box.

MS Outlook error 0x8004010F

Outlook data file cannot be accessed

Under Data Files there is the location of your current data files.( Just Note down the location of the Outlook data files and save a copy for a backup. Now just tap on Close.

Once your data file is located, create a new MS Outlook profile.

There are two methods to create a new profile in MS Outlook, either by

By Auto Account Setup

Step 1)  Start -> Control Panel and then click Show Profile  in Mail Setup-Outlook

foix Outlook error

Step 2) Click Add in in General tab and enter your new MS Outlook profile name then tap on OK.

Outlook error 5

Step 3) Now configure your new account by giving your name, email, and password.

Step 4) Then, click next to configure the account, then hit it off on Finish.

Outlook error 5

As your new Outlook profile is effectively configured now, Now set this profile as the default profile. Select “Always use this profile” option in the General tab and tap on ‘OK’.

By Manual account setup.

Step 1) Hit it off on ‘Start’ menu and then  go to ‘Control Panel’

Step 2) Click on the ‘Mail’ option

Step 3) In the ‘Mail Setup- Outlook’ window choose  ‘Show Profiles

Step 4)  click on ‘Add’ in the ‘General’ tab,

Step 5) A ‘New Profile’ dialog box appears; now  provide a new name for the profile in ‘Profile name’  section and tap  on ‘OK’

Step 6)   In ‘Add New Account’ window, select ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ and click ‘Next’

Step 7)   Under ‘Choose Service’ section, select ‘Internet E-mail’ and click ‘Next’

Step 8)   Now provide account details in the ‘Internet E-mail Settings’ section,

Step 9)   Now go to  ‘Test Account Settings’ for testing the account.

Step 10) Select ‘Existing Outlook Data File’ and then click on ‘Browse’

Step 11) Select the file located previously in the ‘Open Outlook Data File’ dialog box

Step 12) Tap  on ‘OK’ and then go to  ‘Next’

Step 13) Choose on ‘Close’ to shut ‘Test Account Settings’ window and then go to ‘Finish’

Once a new profile is created in Outlook, next step involves setting up this newly created account as the default profile.

Outlook data file cannot be accessed error can also display other similar messages. The statement displayed by the error message can be different, but the reason and causes are almost same in all the cases. As I have already discussed above the error message that might  pop up  on Outlook screen is:

“0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object could not be found”

Whatever the error is These mentions methods are good enough to fix it n best possible way.

If you still not able to fix errors Outlook data file cannot be accessed  in Outlook, then the issue may be very severe  Then the corrupt Outlook profile can be the root cause of such error which can be repaired through any high-end software

If users need to use some PST files repair Tool they can check out the PST recovery Tool.

Hope the above steps help you to Fix MS Outlook error 0x8004010F ”  Outlook data file cannot be accessed”

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