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    November 27th, 2019
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If you’re a registered Yahoo user, it’s now pretty much sure that you are not happy with Yahoo Account security. Because over the past few years, Yahoo has suffered from several breaches and security hacks. So, it is important that you either properly secure your Yahoo account or delete it completely. 

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How Secure is Yahoo Mail?

In the data breach of 2013, it was exposed that hackers hack the details like names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, encrypted passwords and unencrypted security questions.

Still, you choose to stick with Yahoo or just need a Yahoo account for Flickr. For that, we suggest some ways to increase your account security.

Preventive Measures to know “How to Secure Yahoo Email Account”

Let’s take a look at how you can secure your yahoo email account if you use it regularly. There are several tips available below to secure your account: 

1. Use a strong password

Yahoo advised all users to change their passwords since the August 2013 hack.  Though the corporate says their taken passwords were encrypted, it’s potential for hackers to interrupt the coding if they’re persistent. So, to secure your yahoo account we suggest you to use a strong password and try to change it regularly. 

Steps you need to follow to change your password:

  • Login to Yahoo on your personal computer or mobile device. 
  • Click on the Account security page in left panel > click “Change password” > Enter and Confirm your new password > click Continue.

2. Delete security questions and add alternate recovery options

Yahoo permits you to get rid of security queries from your account and rather use another email address or mobile variety as extra security live. If you recently updated your email or phone number, then your security questions could already have been removed. 

You can follow these steps to disable security questions:

  • For the removal of security questions, Go to Account Settings.  
  • In Account security Disable security questions 
  • On the next page with your security questions, click “Yes, secure my account” > click Continue.

Now to add an alternative recovery option:

  • Go to Account security.
  • Click on Email addresses or Phone numbers.
  •  Select Add recovery [email address] [phone number] > follow the on-screen prompts.

.3. Sign out of public computers

Despite all the recommendations against doing it, many folks can use constant word and security queries across multiple sites. If you have used the same Yahoo password or security questions on other sites, across all these sites too then you had to check twice for sign out properly.

4. Add another level of security “Two-step verification”

Two-step verification can offer an extra layer of security to your Yahoo Mail. Once you work in along with your account, Yahoo can text you a security code that you just can have to be compelled to enter to access your mail.

Steps to set up two-step verification:

  • Sign-in to Yahoo and go to the Account security page toggle the button next to “Two-step verification” to enable the feature > enter your mobile number.
  • Choose either “Send SMS” to receive a code via text, or “Call Me” to receive the code via a phone call.
  • After receiving the code enter and click Verify.

You will have to be compelled to verify your identity for two-step verification. When you sign in to your account on a new, unrecognized device for the first time or after clearing the cache in your browser.

5. Don’t fall for phishing scams

In Yahoo Mail, you’ll see a purple Y logo to the left of the contact info on an official Yahoo message. Don’t trust this blindly, though — scammers could find some way to fake this.

6. Extra Preventive Tips

On a lesser scale, you’ll keep some necessary tricks in mind for safeguarding your Yahoo account:

  • On your own laptop, use an associate updated secure browser and ensure you’ve got the correct security software system install.
  • Protect your smartphone with a fingerprint, PIN, or different security thus somebody can’t access your email on your unattended phone.

The all above tips will help you to know “How to secure Yahoo Email Account”.  

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, Yahoo discovered that it had suffered a massive security breach for two years. These two massive blows to its users made many think that Yahoo didn’t deserve your time anymore. We suggest you switch from Yahoo to Gmail. Because Gmail is much safer than Yahoo. Apart from this, you should also backup Yahoo mail data in order to perform recovery of data during the data loss. I hope it helps you out to secure your Yahoo account. 

 If you want to switch the account without any data loss then you can rely on a Professional Software. That will switch Yahoo mail to Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and IMAP.

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