What Should I Do If My Emails Get Stuck in Outlook Outbox

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    August 27th, 2019
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    March 1, 2021
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Emails getting stuck in Outlook Outbox is one of the common issue many Outlook users encounters. Many times it happens that the email sending process takes a long time and the messages get stuck in Outbox. So, here in this article, I will be telling you how can you deal with this issue. Before, moving further let’s check out the reasons for Outlook not being able to send emails.

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Common Reasons for Jammed Emails in Outlook

Here, I have mentioned the most common reasons due to which emails get stuck in Outlook Outbox.

  • Due to large attachments, emails get stuck which results in halting or slowing down the sending process.
  • One of the reasons could be the email is marked as viewed in the Outbox due to an installed add-in.
  • Another reason is the Outlook account is not authenticated by the mail server.
  • There might be a possibility of the mail server or Outlook becomes offline.
  • Sometimes the send/receive settings are incorrect, and the email sending gets halted.
  • The Outlook is in use with another program that can be the cause of this issue.
  • Outgoing emails are scanned by the antivirus program.

Methods to Send Emails that Got Stuck in Outlook Outbox

Now, let’s see how to resolve emails getting stuck in Outlook Outbox. For doing so, you need to try these methods one by one.

Method #1 Check the Outlook connection status

First, you are required to check the state of the mail server. If the mail server is offline, then your email messages will remain in the Outbox folder until the server state changes from offline to online. So, you have to make sure that the mail server is online. You can change the state of the mail server in a few clicks.

  • In the right-hand corner of Outlook, you will see Connected or Connected to Microsoft Exchange. If it shows “Connected,” then the problem is not related to the server status.
click Connecte
  • If the state is Working Offline, then go to the Send/Receive tab and click on Work Offline to disable it. After that, you have to send the email again.
click on work online
  • If the status is Disconnected, then you have to check the internet connection and set it right.

Method 2: Try to Resend the Email

When the emails get stuck in the Outbox folder, you must try sending it again. If it leaves the Outbox folder successfully, then your issue is resolved. 

resend email

Make use of Conversion Tool

Once you have tried the above-mentioned manual techniques and still you are unable to fix the issue then you can convert your OST file into PST and then you can replace the old PST with a new PST. For doing so, you have to make use of a conversion tool like OST to PST Converter. This utility can easily fix the corruption in the OST file and can do the conversion with great ease.  

Bottom Lines

The blog is describing the ways to fix the issue when emails got stuck in Outlook Outbox. If you want to convert OST into PST format Microsoft Outlook 2013 then read here, The solution includes the manual approach as well as the automated solution. Now, it’s up to you to select the right method for you. 

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