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Open Office suite is very similar to the Microsoft Office suite. It includes a Word processorWriter, a Spreadsheet application Calc, a Presentation application Impress, a Drawing application Draw, a Formula editor Math, and a Database Management application Base. Files created by Open Office applications are not immune to corruption like every other computer files. In such a situation, you need Open Office Recovery software.

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Before discussing on Open Office corruption and Open Office Recovery solution, let’s first know about Open Office components in detail:

Open Office Writer 

Like Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer is also a word processor program. It provides you everything that you would expect from a modern and fully-equipped word processor. It’s primarily used for creating quick memos, complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, etc. The features and functions include styles and formatting; auto-correct dictionaryauto-complete; text frames and linking; table of contents & references; multi-page display; notes; etc. It saves documents with ODT extension. Also, it allows you to save the documents into HTML, PDF and MediaWiki formats. It also supports Word documents saved with DOCX and DOC extensions.

Open Office Calc 

Open Office Calc is an excellent solution for storing all your numbers and lists. It’s a popular spreadsheet program which is intuitive and easy-to-learn. But it’s quite different than MS Excel tool. Calc uses a Single Document Interface(SDI), unlike Excel which uses a Multiple Document Interface(MDI). The comprehensive range of its advanced functions includes Data Pilot; natural language formulas; intelligent sum button; wizardsstyles and formatting; scenario manager; multiple users support; etc. The spreadsheets created by Calc are saved with ODS extension. Also, it’s capable of writing spreadsheets directly as PDF files and can read XLSX files created by Excel tool.

Open Office Impress 

Impress is an Open Office tool, very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, used for creating effective multimedia presentations. Presentations created by Impress can contain 2D & 3D clip art, special effects, and animation. It also provides users high-impact drawing tools. It contains numerous features and functions which include creating master pages; a complete range of views; multiple monitors support; easy-to-use drawing and diagramming tools; slide show animation; etc. ODP is an open standard file format used for saving presentations created by Impress. Also, it enables you to save the presentations in PowerPoint’ file formats, i.e. PPT and PPTX.

Open Office Draw 

For drawing business processes and diagrams, Open Office Draw is the best application for any user. It contains numerous tools so that communication with graphics and diagrams can be done with ease. Users are allowed to park their most commonly used drawing tools around their screen ready for single-click access. It includes a wide range of useful features and functions which include styles and formatting; manipulating and arranging objects; smart connectors; dimension lines; using of picture gallery; import graphics; etc. It saves drawings and diagrams in ODG format.

Open Office Base 

Office Base is a relational management system used for a variety of purposes, from tracking any personal collections to producing corporate monthly departmental sales reports. It enables users to create tables, queries, forms, and reports. Also, it provides a set of predefined table definitions for tracking Assets, Customers, Sales Orders, Invoices and much more. Users can also connect to external full-featured SQL databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and even Oracle through ODBC or JDBC drivers. The base creates ODB file, an open-source desktop relational database program for storing an archive of data files which comprise the database.

Open Office Math 

The Math application of Open Office is used for mathematical equations and also used as an equation editor for text documents. It provides you a simple way to create equations and formulae for your documents. You can easily insert a formula into a document. It can be used with other Open Office applications such as Writer, Calc, and Impress, and also can be used as a stand-alone application. It creates ODF files to save text used for creating the formula as well as the pretty-printed equation. an ODF file is based on the OASIS OpenDocument standard.

Corruption in Open Office files 

As I’ve stated earlier that no computer file is immune to corruption, so as the files created by open Office applications. Generally, reasons are always the same behind file corruption in Open Office. The most common reasons include virus attack, software failure or malfunction, sudden power outage, forcefully termination of a computer system or any of Open Office applications, hard disk failure or crash, and many more. Whenever corruption takes place in any Open Office file, it becomes inaccessible. You can’t open the corrupt file until you repair it and you might face recovery problems. So must Open Office recovery software to recover your data from corrupt Open Office files.

Open Office Recovery Range 

If you are having corruption issues with your OpenOffice files then you can try the various software offered by Sysinfotools. There is a complete range of software designed for different OpenOffice file formats to recover a deleted document in OpenOffice.

List of Software

  • ODT Recovery (Repairs OpenOffice Writer Files)
  • ODS Repair (Recovers Data from a Corrupt Calc File)
  • ODP Repair (Repairs Impress Files of OpenOffice)
  • ODG Recovery(Fix Corruptions issues of the Draw Files)
  • ODB Repair ( Recovers Data from a Corrupt OpenOffice Base File)
  • ODF Recovery (Fix Corruption Problems of Math Files)


SysInfoTools Software provides you an excellent range of Open OfficeRecovery which can help you with recovery problem in open office and recover deleted and corrupt data of Open Office files. The software range includes all essential recovery tools which support all the files created by Open Office application. But if you are going to purchase all of them then they will be costly therefore I would suggest you to try the OpenOffice Recovery Toolkit which will save your money and you can avail multiple tools at once. Once you have got the toolkit then you can encounter any problem related to the OpenOffice files.

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