How to Move Emails from Outlook PST File to

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    October 31st, 2019
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Summary:-There are many users who are looking for ways to import emails, contacts, calendars, etc from desktop Outlook to If you are one of those searching for a way to move Outlook PST files to, then this blog provides all the possible ways to upload Outlook files into online. Users can access their Outlook data without installing Outlook when data has been uploaded to the account.

Reasons For Transfer Files & Folders from Outlook to is a service provided online email management by Microsoft Outlook that can handle webmail, contacts, calendars and etc. The major difference between Outlook and is that one manages email service on a desktop and the other one web-based application.

When a user decides to move from one email application to another, this is one of the most frequently asked questions; How to migrate emails? Migrating the local Outlook data to, you need to follow a procedure to get a successful migration.

Method 1: Configuration of as a Microsoft Exchange Account

You can easily move the PST of Outlook to if you have configured as an Exchange account.

Step 1: Check whether your profile is configured in Outlook as a Microsoft Exchange account

Click on File- > Profile Settings- > Account Settings.

You’re good to go when it says “Microsoft Exchange” behind your account at If this option comes with “Exchange ActiveSync,” “POP3,” or “IMAP,” then you’ll need to re-add your account via Auto Account Setup to connect it as a Microsoft Exchange account.

Step 2: Backup

As with any change, first, make sure the current data is properly backed up. And making a copy of the PST file in a safe location when Outlook is opened.

Step 3: Check the PST file size

Generally, the size of the mailbox is unlimited, there are some restrictions to stop the growth of the mailbox size. (Check the size of the PST file if it is larger than 4GB then first only import a max of 4GB of data then every 2 or 3 days upload data up to 1GB).

Step 4: By installing Azure AzCopy & Copy SAS URL

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account first.

    Prerequisite: In Office 365 organizations, the user must be a global administrator.

  2. Enter the required credentials of Microsoft Office 365. Choose Security & Compliance Center >Data governance >Import.
  3. Then open Import Wizard and hit on the “New Import Job” option which gives a different name including lower case and hyphens.

    Notice: To copy and save Generated SAS URL link, hit on the “Show Network Upload SAS URL” that is used in the below steps.

  4. Next, choose the “Upload your Data” option.
  5. To download the latest Azure AzCopy Tool, hit on the “Azure AzCopy” option.
  6. Run Azure AzCopy tool to import PST files into Outlook Web App.
  7. Now Run Command: AzCopy.exe /Source: /Dest: /V: /Y on the command prompt.

    Source: Directory path of stored PST File

    /Dest: Shows a URL path that is created from “Show Network Upload SAS URL”
    /V: Verbose logfile
  8. To open the PST file into Outlook Web Access run the above command. As shown in the below image:

Step 5: Import Outlook PST to

Simply use the drag-drop method to import PST to from your current mailbox.


You can do right-click on the folder and choose the move folder option.

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+V simultaneously to move Outlook files to

Step 6: Remove PST from Outlook by setting Outlook as Default

After uploading all your PST data to, you can remove all PST data by following the below steps:

  1. Click on File-> Account Settings-> Account Setting.
  2. Within the tab E-mail, you can remove your POP3 account if it is still listed.
  3. Within the tab Data Files, set the ost file of your account as the default.
  4. When prompted, restart Outlook.
  5. Again visit the Data File tab.
  6. Make note of the PST file path.
  7. Then choose your PST file and press Remove.
  8. Finally, close Outlook at last, and delete the PST file.

Method 2: PST Exporter-An Expert Solution

SysinfoTools PST Converter is the utility developed by experts to import PST to directly. Also, this utility has the ability to migrate PST to other email clients also. The tool is having batch PST conversion feature that helps the user to save time and effort for having effective migration. As there are many complications with manual ways so using a direct approach can solve the problem quickly without any hard effort. The utility can also convert PST to Office 365.

Final Thoughts

The method to import the Outlook PST file to is mentioned in the above section. There is an option to use manual ways or any automated expert solution to solve the issue. As manual ways are time-consuming techniques, this guide also comes up with a direct solution.

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