What are the Main Reasons Behind a Corrupt Archive?

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    December 23rd, 2013
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    July 14, 2022
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Summary:- Nowadays, it is difficult for the user to manage too many files stored at a different location; therefore, it is better to compress them into one archive file. Many users have opted for this technique to manage files, but the corruption issues always act as a break of serve. In this blog, we discuss the different reasons behind a corrupt Archive file and the best solution named Archive Recovery Software to fix it.  

Factors Responsible for Corrupt Archive

Different factors are responsible for the corruption of the archive files. Some of the common are:

Virus Infection

Virus infection is one of the most common and effective reasons for file corruption. A computer virus can easily corrupt or damage a file by deleting, modifying or overwriting the file. A compressed archive file can easily be corrupted due to virus attacks, and sometimes viruses may affect the application used to create the files. Sometimes it may also affect the existing applications used to create those files.

Abruptly System Shutdown

The “abrupt system shutdown” is another main reason for file corruption. For example, you are working on a file, and suddenly your system turns off due to a power outage, or you do it by mistake. It might result in file corruption. The opened file in which you were working earlier may become corrupted or damaged. While creating or extracting an archive file, if this situation takes place, then the file may become corrupted.

Sudden Power Outage

A sudden power outage or any other power-related problems can affect the data and files saved on the computer. It may damage your system’s hard disk, and all the data saved inside it will become inaccessible. It is the main reason for the abrupt system shutdown (mentioned above).

Hardware Problem

Hardware problem means the failure of any hardware device, such as a hard disk drive failure, a hard drive containing bad sectors, or a system having bad or low RAM. These are some common hardware problems which may affect computer data and files.

Software Malfunction

Software malfunction is an error, failure or fault in a computer program or software. Due to malfunction, a software program may produce an incorrect or unexpected result. And sometimes, software malfunction may create file corruption.

System Hard Drive Failure

System hard drive failure occurs when the hard drive malfunctions or crashes; due to this, all the stored data (files and information) cannot be accessed or opened. The main cause of system hard drive failure is a head crash that can severely damage or corrupt all the data stored on the hard disk drive.

How to Keep Archive File Healthy

  1. Do not open any source if there is any Risk of Virus Intrusion. Never close the computer System Abruptly.
  2. Always keep a Power Backup in case of sudden electricity Failure.
  3. Keep a Check on every Hardware Connect to the PC.
  4. Always user-trusted Software and Applications.
  5. Avoid Activities which are Responsible for Hard Drive Crash.

Now, you know all the reasons behind a corrupt Archive file but do you know the measures to fix this corruption. You can try the Sysinfo Archive Recovery Tool, which can overcome all the possible causes of Archive file corruption. This software extracts every possible data from the damaged archive file and restores them in an accessible form.

Simple Steps to Recover or Retrieve Data From Corrupt Archive files

  1. Start the Archive Recovery Software as an administrator.
  2. Select the file type as per your requirement: Zip, Rar, Tar, Tar.GZ, or 7zip.
  3. Browse the single or multiple files from your system and click Next.
  4. The scanning process will begin, and you will find the basic details.
  5. Select the path for the output folder.
  6. Finally, click on the Save button to restore the recovered data.


Well, you know all the major reasons for Archive file corruption. But only knowing the reasons is not enough because you must know how to defeat all the possible causes of corruption. I must suggest you avoid all the activities mentioned in the reasons to protect archive files. If your archive file gets corrupt for any reason, the only solution is Archive Recovery Software. Here are some Symptoms of Corrupted Archive Files.

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