Mac Data Recovery Software – Recovery from HFS & HFS+ Drives

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    August 30th, 2018
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You may never understand the importance of your computer data unless you lose it due to an unexpected reason. If your Mac computer is physically damaged or the hard disk is crashed/corrupted, you can’t open the computer or its drives. What will you do to recover the data stored on the hard disk? In this article, we’re going to discuss the primary reasons for data loss in a Mac system. Also, we’ll learn how to recover data from the corrupt/damaged hard disk by using the best Mac Data Recovery software.

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Data loss may seem an unavoidable event sometimes. However, it can be prevented with proper precautions and safeguards. But before that, you should understand the primary causes of data loss and the warning symptoms.

Causes of data loss

There are many reasons highly responsible for data loss. I’ve listed top 5 causes of data loss below:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Hard disk failure
  • Virus infection
  • Power failure
  • Human error

Due to any of these reasons, you’re likely to lose your data sooner or later.

Data Recovery

A fatal data loss will surely bring you to tears. It’s really heartbreaking to lose the invaluable data what you’ve created, collected, and stored for years. Whenever you face a data loss situation due to any reason, you have to use a data recovery tool or hire a data recovery expert. Just keep in mind that data recovery ain’t free. You have to pay a handsome money for it. Even there’s no guarantee of 100% success for data recovery. That’s why backup strategy is strongly recommended in order to avoid unexpected data loss situations.

If you have a valid and updated backup file, you can restore the complete data without using any 3rd party data recovery software. A backup file contains the copies of your data which you can easily restore after a fatal loss situation due to any reason. But sometimes even a backup file can’t help you in data recovery. Why?

  • If the backup ain’t updated, you can’t recover the complete data. Only the copies which are backed up earlier can be recovered.
  • The backup file is of no use if it’s corrupted. There’s no way to recover anything from a corrupt BKF file until you repair it.
  • Let’s suppose the backup file is stored on the hard disk. And one day the hard disk crashes down due to a mechanical or logical failure. This may put the complete data including the backup at high risk of loss.

So if you can’t use the backup file to restore your data, it’s time to use a 3rd party Mac Data Recovery tool. The Mac Recovery software is a professional solution highly recommended by data recovery experts. With the help of this advanced utility, the data recovery which was considered impossible a few years ago now looks easy and effortless.

Mac Data Recovery

There are many vendors in the online marketplace which provide Mac Data Recovery software. But it’s always difficult to choose the best one when there are multiple options. So how would you go about choosing the best Mac Data Recovery tool? Generally, most of the software vendors provide the demo version for free evaluation. By using the demo version of a data recovery tool, you can scan the corrupt/damaged hard disk, and check the preview of recoverable data prior to saving. The software that can recover your maximum data at a really fair price is no doubt the best solution for you. However, you should consider more than just price while choosing something you desperately need.

best mac data recovery software

Mac Data Recovery tool from SysInfoTools Software is considered one of the best data recovery solutions. Via this software, you can successfully recover your data from the corrupted/damaged hard disk of a Mac system. Also, you can restore deleted files from the hard disk. It supports data recovery from both HFS and HFS+ drives. Just have a look at the key features of Mac Recovery software:

  • Recover all popular file formats from the corrupt/damaged Mac hard disk;
  • Support both GPT (GUID partition table) and MBR (master boot record) partition tables;
  • Two modes for intensive scanning: Standard and Advance;
  • Three recovery modes to handle the different level of corruption: Standard, Advanced, and Deep;
  • Smart RAW recovery mode for effortless data recovery in a case of lost volumes;
  • Add new file signatures option with RAW recovery mode to recover images, music, and archive files;
  • Smart preview of the recoverable data in a tree-structure mode (prior to saving);
  • Easy-to-use application, i.e. no prior technical knowledge is required;
  • Mac Recovery software is available with the demo version for free evaluation

Important note

This Mac Recovery software is a windows-system utility, i.e. it only runs on a Windows platform. In order to recover data from the Mac hard disk, you should first connect the hard disk to a Windows system. And after that, you can run this software and select the drives (HFS or HFS+) of the Mac hard disk. For better help, watch this video tutorial – how to use Mac Recovery software?


There’s nothing worse than a situation when you realize that you’ve just entered the dark world of data loss. In just a blink of an eye, all your precious files and valuable data can vanish from the Mac system. In this article, we’ve learned how to recover data from the Mac system by using a professional Mac Data Recovery tool. However, you should always follow the right backup strategy to avoid any type of data loss situation. If you have the backup, you can save your money.

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