Lotus Notes VS Outlook: A Lotus Notes and Outlook Comparison

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    April 25th, 2017
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Are you really confused which Email Client to opt For? Lotus Notes or Outlook? Now get your confusion aside. 

With this blog on Lotus Notes VS Outlook. You will get to know to a brief idea of Lotus Notes and Outlook comparison.

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Today, email applications play a vital role in e-communication for data exchanging facility to enhance business productivity across the world. Nowadays, mostly data exchange are done via e-communication applications since it is the strongest platform to share information and get connected with anyone universally. Likewise, there are multiple no of email clients that provide a platform for e-communication.

Lotus Notes Vs Outlook

Lotus Notes Vs Outlook

Lotus Notes and Outlook being the most prevalent email client platforms, there is a big debate over which mail application is better. Truly speaking, Lotus Notes and MS Outlook both are the one of the best email client enclosed with technicality and also with wonderful features to serve high security to saved numerous database as well as connects corporate and non-corporate world perfectly. Both Lotus Notes and MS Outlook perform awesome services such as email, calendars, notes, contacts, web browsing, task management and so forth. Let’s have a look at the differences between lotus notes and ms outlook email clients in brief and Check out which clients win in the race of Lotus Notes vs Outlook.

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Let’s have a look at the differences between Lotus Notes and MS Outlook email clients in brief.

Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are the two leading desktop E-mail clients in the market today. They both provide a wide range of similar activities to its users that include calendar, contact manager, and web browsing etc. Despite it, there are certain features of Outlook which give it an edge over the Lotus notes that puts it aside in the today’s business world which needs to adhere when a user opt for choosing a product for his personal usage.  A blog on Lotus Notes vs Outlook will help you to get the idea of both Email client’s features in details.

Lotus Notes and Outlook Comparison

1. Data Storage Facility of Lotus Notes and Outlook

IBM lotus notes make use of NSF File format to store emails, attachments and other items while MS Outlook, on the other hand, uses personal storage table (PST) File format for the similar operation which is also Known as Outlook data files they come up with a maximum storage size of 20GB TO 50 GB depending on the version being used .Moreover, outlook provides with Offline outlook data files ( OST) when user have an exchange account and want to work offline.

2. Lotus Notes versus Outlook Cost

IBM notes are expensive and are bought separately. In comparison, Outlook is much cheaper and is included in its Microsoft Office suite that the user does not require it to buy up separately.

3. Lotus Notes Versus Outlook Maintenance

Outlook Email client maintenance is much easier than IBM further when compared with Outlook cost of maintenance is quite low than IBM notes.

4. Multiple Accounts:

multiple account
In Lotus Notes, a user can only access one account at a time. In MS Outlook, the user can easily run more than one account at the same time without any interruption.

5. Server:

Lotus Notes and MS Outlook both use different servers for its operation.

Lotus notes make use of IBM Domino, Outlook server is Microsoft Exchange which is more affable in terms of accessing when contrasted with Lotus Notes.

6. User-Interface and Client support system:

The IBM Lotus Notes user interface is quite complex and to run this application, the user should have technical knowledge on Lotus Notes. But in MS Outlook, it can be easily run by novice user too because of its user-friendly interface and easy functions without any technical skills
When it comes to Platforms being supported Lotus Notes support a great range as compared with an outlook this is another major difference and a setback to outlook as outlook is only able to support 64 bits while lotus note is able to perform more tasks in same applications.

7. Multiple Operating Systems:

The user can not only access Lotus Notes on Windows but also on other platforms like Eclipse that allows Lotus Notes to run on various Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, as well as Mac OS. But MS Outlook can only run on Windows Operating System. If you want to access MS Outlook on MAC, it can be done but still, both applications are different.

8. Multitasking Capability:

Lotus Notes is highly secure and restrict multitasking. On the other hand, MS Outlook not only helps to exchange emails and other items but also automatically connects users with other available apps such as One Drive, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, MS Office Online, One Note, Skype, access calendar from the inbox.

9. Market Share of Lotus Notes vs Outlook

Lotus Notes vs Email Client
If Lotus Notes and Outlook are to be measured into the form of a percentage, the Outlook would take up over 80 % of the market.

After going through the Outlines of Lotus Notes vs Outlook you must have got the difference between Lotus Notes and MS Outlook Email Client.

No doubt, Lotus Notes is an also one of the trusted and best email client but it hasn’t tried out to innovate for providing their users more than just Email Interface thing. Though Lotus Notes provides a provision of implementing a variable feature list such as editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations along with combining it with custom business programs such as HelpDesk, CRMs, Sales Force, Blogs, Discussion, Forums, etc.

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But there is nothing which could beat an already established Outlook in the online market giving it a hell lot of features as one of the all-time favorite email clients for both commercial and personal purpose.

I hope till now it is clear to you from Lotus Notes Vs Outlook Blog that which email client to opt for.

With the above blog on lotus Notes versus Outlook, it is very clear that Outlook has topped in all the features. I would also like to list down the few advantages of Outlook.

Reasons, why MS Outlook is the most exclusive email client.

  • Search Feature:
    Microsoft Outlook comes with the smart search function that allows users o quickly find whatever they are looking for. Users can search their items by e-mails, contacts, and dates. This feature of outlook can be used in any of the Outlook programs such as Calendar Contact Manager and Task Manager
  • Features available as Outlook add-in
    There are lots of various Outlooks add -ins and plugins which help the user to enjoy more feature. Check Out the list of the 51 best plugins and add-ins for Microsoft Outlook.
  •  Security
    Though, Microsoft has a bit bad reputation on the security front. But Outlook 2007, in particular, has good junk mail filtering that blocks outside content such as from foreign sites, web bugs and downloaded images.
  • Outlook Makes it Easy to Organize Your Emails
    Most e-mail clients offer some sort of rules for sorting and managing e-mail, but Outlook has really raised the bar. users can sort their messages into folders, or forward or redirect them according to chosen criteria. Outlook keeps your email organized by is automatic filtering and sorting option.

There are also other features that make Outlook superior over other. For more features Read more.

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Final Verdict:

From the above discussion on Lotus Notes VS Outlook. Now it’s up to the user to choose the email application Lotus Notes and MS Outlook as per their necessity, usage, Operating Systems, data security etc. But for a distinguished experience of email utility, one must use the more dependable, secure, and versatile email platform which is without a doubt is Lotus Notes. This application holds better and advanced features that include Instant Messaging, Search benefit, store data in a fully-organized manner, and Social revelation of information. There is no confusion that at business productivity with safety, Lotus Notes is much better than Microsoft Outlook application.

Note: Users may check out NSF to PST Converter for importing Lotus notes emails to Outlook and PST To NSF Converter for vice versa

Hope this blog on Lotus Notes Versus Outlook has helped you out in choosing a preferable email client between Lotus Notes and Outlook for yourself.

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