Install Windows on Mac OS by using Boot Camp Utility

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    June 12th, 2014
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Microsoft Windows, one of the ruling operating systems, is used for both purposes: home and business. Even after Mac’s popularity, most of the users still choose to work on Windows OS. If a scenario occurs at your place, when you are working on Apple’s Mac and there is some specific application software on which the service of your organization depends, then you can install Windows on Mac OS by using Boot Camp utility.

Reasons to Run Windows on Mac

The other reason when you need to install Windows on Mac machine are:

  • To test your web application or other application software that it runs smoothly on different operating environments.
  • To play those games that can’t be installed in Mac OS.

How to Install Windows on Mac?

Apple has provided an inbuilt program in Mac OS (V 10.5 and later), i.e. Boot Camp. It enables the user to include one more partition within your hard disk space and in this partition, you can install Windows OS (Vista or 7). Windows installed on Mac machine runs at equivalent speed without causing any delay.

Before you resume with the process of installing Windows on Mac, you need to have Windows and Mac Installation disks. Once you have this, you can proceed to install the Boot Camp program on your Mac Book by following the instructions given below:

  • Click on Software Updates by navigating to Apple menu. Install the updates accordingly.
  • Select Go menu > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant. Now, specify the space of hard disk for Windows partition. Note: There should be enough space to store Windows OS, data files and applications.
  • Choose the file system format according to the options given by Boot Camp (NTFS for Windows Vista or 7 and FAT for Windows XP).
  • Insert the Windows installation disk and start the installation process. Read the instructions carefully and follow it to install Windows OS. Note: If prompted to choose where you want to install, then choose Disk 0 partition 3 BootCamp (Windows Vista and 7) and C: Partition3 [Boot Camp] [FAT32] (Windows XP).
  • Reboot your system to finish the installation process. Now, insert the Mac Installation disk and the Boot Camp installation will be started. If it doesn’t start automatically, you can click on setup.exe, stored in the disk.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the Boot Camp installation process and run “Found New Hardware” wizard (after restarting) to install drivers of Boot Camp.

Boot Camp offers a reliable environment to run Windows on a Mac machine. Mac Book is totally used by Windows OS. But both the OS can’t be run simultaneously, either Mac OS or Windows OS. In this way, you can access the additional functionality in Mac and execute your work on Windows platform.

Advantages of Using Windows on Mac

Easy to Use– Windows OS is widely used across the world and many users find it an easy to handle operating system. It has attractive icons and even a novice user can understand the functionality of the whole operating system.

Availability of Software– If I talk about software and applications then there are more Windows-based applications than Mac. Therefore, Windows software is easily available in the market at a cheaper price when compared to Mac software.

Old Version Compatibility– If the user is having an old version of the software and he wants to run it on the latest version of Windows then he can do so with ease. Windows even supports old versions of software and makes them run smoothly on the system.

Supports all Hardware– Windows operating system easily reads all the hardware plugin into the system and gives the user to access them easily. It doesn’t restrict any hardware from connecting into the computer system.


I hope the above methods will help you out to install Windows on Mac OS by using Boot Camp utility. I have also told you the reasons for and advantages of using Windows on a Mac OS. So, the Boot Camp utility will help you to install Windows on Mac. Just follow the steps and get your task done.

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