How to Increase Laptop Battery Life?

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    June 11th, 2014
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    September 8, 2022
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Portability is something that every user or individual is addicted to. There was a time when everything used to bigger in size. But with times, technology has moved from the table to our laps and pockets. But when things become portable, still power is required to run that gadget. This is how batteries play a very important role in the portable world. Here we talk about computers and concerned about laptop battery life where you can easily increase laptop battery life.

Laptops are used widely today and I am very much sure about the fact that most of the users operate their laptops like anything. In all the standard laptops, we are given a 6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery that provides a battery backup of 3 to 4 hours when brought home.

But as we are not aware of many facts that reduce our battery life, within 18 months the battery starts draining out quickly and the backup time drops to 1.5 to 2 hours. Which degrades within months.

how to increase laptop battery life

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How to Improve Laptop Battery Life

Follow the steps and you’ll find the difference in the battery backup of your laptop.

Battery Penetration

This basically refers to the battery penetration test. Every laptop provides a feature, ” Charging indicator LED changes the color when the battery is fully charged”. Normally Red to Green.

Always unplug the charger as soon as the Greenlight glows. This will increase laptop battery life. 68 out of 100 users keep on using the laptop with the charger plugged in, even if the battery is fully charged.

Stop Unnecessary Applications

As per our requirement, we install programs on our laptop. But it’s often seen that we forget the program once we are done with our work. You may not realize, but the program might be running in the background and unnecessary usage of the processor. Indirectly this leads to unnecessary battery usage. Uninstall the programs or kill unwanted processes to increase laptop battery life.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you are not using any of these wireless services in your laptop, we recommend you to turn off or disable them, as these services have dedicated hardware installed in the machine. Which will definitely increase laptop battery life once disabled?

Unplug USB or any external Device not in Use

USB is the most common external media device to transfer stuff. But you should always unplug your USB or external device once you have transferred your data. You must not watch movies directly through your zip drives. It consumes more power. Keep this step in your mind and this will surely see an increase in battery life.


The backlight of any display enabled gadget consumes the maximum power. You may also verify this by checking the battery consumption in your android device which clearly Displays the maximum battery among all. Lower down the backlight whenever possible and switch off the display whenever you have a small break. You may also consider hibernating your laptop rather than putting it on sleep.


Well, the above activities can save a lot of your power backup in laptops. These techniques will improve your battery performance and increase laptop battery life. If you’ll include all the activities in the day to day working on laptops then I think your laptop battery backup will last long. I hope you have understood all the measures of increasing the battery power of the laptop.

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