Learn the Easiest Process to Open BKF file in Windows 10

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    April 15th, 2014
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Backing up data is extensively important to keep the data safe in case of any hazardous situation. By doing so you can retrieve the entire data afterward from the backup of data. So, before discussing “How to Open BKF File in Windows 10”, Let’s take a look at what BKF File actually is.

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What is BKF File?

It is a file format for the backup file in the NT series of Windows like Windows XP. NTBackup utility is incorporated with the Operation System up to Windows XP. therefore, it was very easy to back up the data and restore it with the same utility. The backup file is created in the BKF file format.

Can We Use NTBackup Utility in Windows 10?

NTBackup is an application and the basic requirement to run this application is its executable file and some supporting files. Since this utility is unavailable in Windows 10. So, you can get the nt5backup.cab file by simply downloading from the Internet. This is a RAR file which comprises of an executable file and two dll files.

  • exe
  • dll
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Points to remember while opening BKF file in Windows 10

  • Once you are done installing the nt5backup file, you have to keep in mind that ntbackup.exe i.e. executable file is enough alone to view BKF file in Windows 10. However, it is necessary to keep the other two .dll files (ntmsapi.dll, vssapi.dll) at the same location of the .exe file. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use this ntbackup.exe file. The .dll files work as supporting files for ntbackup.exe file. To complete the task all the three files should be present at similar locations.
  • Make sure while restoring the data, you do not restore data at the original location, so that the present files should not be overwritten. Later you can move the restored data to a desirable folder.

How to Open BKF file in Windows 10

  • After the successful installation of the .cab file, all the three files will appear as follows:
  • Now, double click on exe. You will see a pop-up displaying the message that it does not restore the data from the tape. Click on the OK button.
  • A pop-up window will appear including Advanced Mode Click on the Next button.
  • Press the Restore and Manage Media button from the tab view.
  • After that, a screen will appear to select the location to save the restored file.
  • Instead of the original location, you have to save the restored file at an alternate location.
  • Then, to select a file for backup, click on Tools > Catalog a backup file. Now, browse for a file to backup.
  • Press the Start Restore The best part of this utility is that you can restore the selective files as well.
  • Click OK on the notification that pops up.
  • A Window will appear which states “Completed with Skipped Files”. It is nothing like that, entire data will get restored.
  • Now, to go back to the wizard mode, Follow Tools > Switch to Wizard Mode.

There are various cases where the above-mentioned method will not work like:

  • This method will not work if the backup is saved on tape, the backup must be stored in the system itself.
  • Some users might find this method difficult as the process is quite lengthy and time taking.
  • In case of any corruption in BKF file, this technique will not work at all.

Alternative for Easy Execution

The method described above may not work in some of the cases. So, in order to simplify the task to open BKF file, you can opt for a freeware application like BKF file viewer. This is a user-friendly utility which can repair and open BKF files with ease. It is equipped with a highly advanced algorithm and also supports search functionality in recovered files.

To save and extract data from BKF file after recovery, Use Sysinfo BKF Recovery Software.


The blog is describing the methods to open BKF File in Windows 10. Above, I have provided the best possible solutions which include the manual approach as well as an automated solution. Now, it’s your decision to select the right one for you. Hope it helps.

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