Google Update: Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

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    May 24th, 2014
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    May 9, 2023
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Google is redefining technology every day. On May 21, 2014, Matt Cutts (Head of Google webspam team) tweeted that Google is rolling out our new Panda 4.0 today. This was the Google update for Search Engines. And then yet another Google update comes into the web world. This update comes under Google Apps. So far Google has provided many options on Google Apps. But this time Google has introduced a new plugin. They call it the Hangout plugin! for Microsoft Outlook.

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What is the Hangout Plugin?

This innovative plugin enhances the Microsoft Outlook configured in your office computer. Once you install this 897 KB file, it connects with the Outlook in your computer. You may easily download it by going on this link.

Changes After Installation

This Google update provides you an option to schedule meetings.

Now you must be thinking we already had an option to schedule meetings in Microsoft Outlook. But here’s a change! You can now schedule meetings with video conferencing with your colleagues in your office in just a single click.

You can also join the scheduled video conference meeting by clinking on the hangouts video call link.

Options for the users

Scheduled Meeting

  • By clicking on   Schedule a Hangout button, you can create a new hangout listed with the details of hangouts video calls.
  • Say if you are supposed to edit a meeting, this plugin provides you an option to click on  Add Hangout to meet. Here you may provide some information like instructions, name or location for the meeting.

So far you must have started liking this new Google update to enhance and save your meeting experience and time.

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Unscheduled Meeting

  • You may also start afresh or spontaneous video hangout by clicking on  Start a new Hangout. This will open the browser in your default browser.

You may get the detailed information about the options for users by clicking on this link

For all the Administrators! You can find the Administrator settings for this plugin by clicking on this link

In the past few years, Google has increased the frequency of rolling out new updates for its various products. We at SysInfoTools keep an eye on all the upcoming products and other Google updates. You may also subscribe to our feeds and newsletters to get the latest Google update in your inbox.

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