09 Ultimate Excel Tips And Tricks I Guess You Haven’t Heard Off

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    August 24th, 2017
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Excel is like Bible for many of us. We all know what is Excel but most of its features are still unheard of. Hence most of us only know, addition, multiplication, subtraction and how to do the basic work on excel.

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After Microsoft developed Excel, it was like a bag of unknown surprises kept in a Pandora’s Box. But this Pandora’s box has some good surprises for its users. But the problem here is most of us have no idea about the surprises Excel has in store for us. As we never dared to explore.

So today, I will try to tell you some of the top Excel tips and tricks, which even your boss doesn’t know 😛

Excel being an application, deals with lots of data at a single time. And trust me, working on these huge data’s and numbers can be confusing sometimes. We might get puzzled in using Excel efficiently. And that is why these overlooked Excel tips and tricks are so important in making your life easy.

Note: These tips and tricks for Excel are based on Microsoft Excel 2010

1. Selecting All With One Click

Selecting All With One Click

You might be using Ctrl + A to select all in your excel sheet or you may be using Ctrl and drag your cursor to do the same. But most of us don’t know that Excel has provided a small button on the top left of your Excel sheet to do the following work.

2. Toggling Between Different Excel Files

There are instances when we use different spreadsheets side by side. And shifting or toggling between them is a hard task. First clicking on the excel icon and then searching for the correct file the data is stored might irritate anyone. If time is short.

Toggling Between Different Excel Files

But there is a shortcut for this too. Which help users to toggle between files freely. And that is Ctrl + Tab. This shortcut is a time savior for users who use multiple spreadsheets side by side.
Note: This feature or function can also be used in other applications like Chrome, to toggle between different tabs

3. Adding Comment To Your Formulas

Adding Comment To You Formulas

To add a comment in your formula you can add a space then +N(“your comment here”). These types of comments are made for your reference or to make others understand the given formula. Comments don’t appear in the cell. But they can be found in the formula bar if you click on that cell.

4. Add Your Own Graphics And Own Charts

Add Your Own Graphics And Own Charts

Trust me, Excel provides some of the most basic charts and graphics, which are boring and may make your presentation boring. So now, you don’t have to settle down with these boring charts and graphics. Just double click on the bar that you want to change and go the paint bucket and then select the color that wants.

5. Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting

If you want to pop up some particular data in your spreadsheet then this Excel tips and tricks is the one to go for. It helps to pick up that mentioned data easily. To do this, just select the data – go to home – click on conditional formatting and then create the rules from the drop-down menu.

6. Deleting Blank Cells

Deleting Blank Cells

When you create huge data there will be cells which were left blank or you have deleted that cell data. And to delete those blank cells one by one may create a ruckus and take a huge amount of time.
So a better option would be to filter out those blank cells and then delete it. Rather than deleting it one by one. Now to do this, select the column that you want to filter, then go to Data – Filter. Scroll down and click on “Blanks”. As soon as you click all the blank cells will show. Now go to Home and click on delete. It will automatically be deleted.

7. Transposing Data From A Row To Column

 Transposing Data From A Row To Column

If you are looking to transpose your data from a row to a column to get a better display than this tips and tricks in excel would surely help you out. As retyping all your data would be the last thing you want to do.
First copy the that that you want to transpose – then move your cursor to a different blank cell. Click on Home Paste – Transpose.

8. Drawing Out Equations

Drawing Out Equations

Now in Excel 2016, it’s now easier to draw out equations. this feature would be handy if you have a touch screen laptop.
Go to insert tab – Select Equation and then click on Ink Equation. Now can sketch in the yellow box.

9. Adding In Calculator To Quick Access Toolbar

Adding In Calculator To Quick Access Toolbar

Click and open the Quick Access toolbar (on the right side of save option). Click on More Commands and from here you can add calculator and any other shortcut to the menu.

There is one more thing, that I would like to tell you that is about corruption.
For an instance, you are working on your Excel files and it gets corrupted. So what will happen?
Yes, it happens sometimes that your files get corrupted and become inaccessible. If something like this happens, you may check out this Excel Recovery Tool. It’s an advanced version tool to recover corrupt and Inaccessible Excel files.

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