A Complete Guide to Create System Repair Disc in Windows 7, 8 and 10

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    December 13th, 2013
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    July 14, 2022
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Summary:- Most Windows users format the Windows whenever they encounter system failure or system crash problems. However, reinstalling the Windows system may result in losing data and causing serious consequences that you will never be able to fix. Luckily, Microsoft has acknowledged this problem that was irking its users and has come up with a solution. 

In this article, we will explain how to create system repair disc in Windows 7 and its older version. However, if you have an abrupt system failure or crash, you can fix it with the help of a Windows recovery drive or a system repair disc. Otherwise, if the corruption is serious and you won’t be able to fix it manually, you can use the Windows Data Recovery Tool. The software is competent in fixing all Windows data corruption errors and recovering data successfully.

What is a System Repair Disc?

A System Repair Disc is a safe and risk-free bootable CD or DVD created on a working computer. It is used to troubleshoot and repair system problems on malfunctioning Windows computers. Several Windows versions have different disc file configurations, like about 479 MB in Windows 11, 366 MB in Windows 10, 223MB in Windows 8, and 165 MB in Windows 7. However, it can fit any plain old CD or a DVD. Below is an image describing what it looks like when browsing its content in File Explorer.

The system repair disc contains all the major recovery options; it allows you to perform a system diagnostic and repair. Furthermore, after creating a system repair disc, you can access various tools like system restore, system repair, system image recovery, memory diagnostic, and more. In addition, you can also use a flash drive to create a system recovery disc, which is not supported in Windows 7. However it might work in Windows 10, but you need an optical drive to make a bootable disc in Windows 7.

How to Create System Repair Disc in Windows 7?

Your computer usually comes up with a Windows 7 DVD; this DVD can be used to restore your data, including restoring a system image formed in Backup and Restore. If you don’t have a Windows 7 DVD or have lost it somewhere, you must create a System Repair Disc to perform it.

Moreover, repairing a system image returns everything to how it was before the system crashed. If you don’t have a System Repair Disc or the original DVD, you’ll have to start it from scratch. Let’s quickly go through the steps to create system repair disc in Windows 7:

  1. Click on the Start and, type backup, select Backup and Restore.
  2. Click Create a System Repair Disc option.
  3. Now Inject a blank DVD into your DVD drive.
  4. Click on the Create Disc option.
  5. Now click on Close in the dialogue box.
  6. Finally, eject the disc and keep it safe.

Note: Always try to keep the disc where it can be easily detectable in case of any emergency. Moreover, Windows 7 might pop up in the AutoPlay dialogue box. So close AutoPlay in case it pops up.

How to Create System Repair Disc in Windows 8 and 10?

You can perform the below steps to System Repair Disc in Windows 8 and 10:

  1. Type “Recovery drive” in the search and select “Create a Recovery Drive“. Selecting the option of “Back up System Files to the Recovery Drive” will able you to reinstall Windows.
  2. Ensure that the USB drive, SD card or CD/DVD has at least 2GB and now inject it into the computer.
  3. Select the “Copy the Recovery Partition from the PC to the Recovery Drive” option and press the “Create” icon.
  4. Once the process completes, you can either keep the recovery image on your PC or eliminate it by choosing “Delete“and then remove the USB drive.

How to Create System Repair Disc Using a Control Panel?

You must create a system repair disc in a different Windows version to recover a Windows 10 installation and insert a writable disc to your DVD/CD drive; but what, if you can’t perform the steps, follow these steps to create a system repair disc using Control Panel:

  1. First, open the Control Panel using the search option.
  2. Then, in System and Security, click the Back and Restore (Windows 7) link.
  3. Here, click the Create a system repair disc link.
  4. Then, from the Drive section, select the DVD Drive.
  5. After that, click the Create disc button.
  6. Once you have completed the step, restart your computer, you can use the disc to boot into the Advanced startup options to recover your system.

Effective Third-Party Solution to Overcome the Corruption

Although, the manual methods are not always reliable and tend to fail several times. Therefore, it is always preferable to go for a safe and reliable solution that ensures the safe backup of personal data without any data loss. We recommend you to use SysInfo Windows Data Recovery, which guarantees the maximum possible recovery of data from the corrupted hard drive as well as from accidental formats or abrupt system crashes. This tool allows the user to preview the recovered data. Supports both recoveries from the partition table, i.e. master boot record and GUID partition table.

This tool runs perfectly on all the major versions of Windows OS. Users can even download the free version of this software, which allows them to save up to 2GB of data and helps them to analyze the software’s features. Know about:-Some Different System Recovery Options in Windows.

Final Words

In case of a system crash or malware attacks, a system repair disc could help data recovery. But, it also doesn’t guarantee the safe recovery of your crucial data, and it may even lead to permanent data loss. Therefore if you don’t want to take risks while backing up your important data, then it’s always better to rely on a safer and reliable solution. In this blog, we discuss the different methods to create system repair disc that can help you to overcome from a system crash.

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