How to Import and Export Rules in PST files?

Ans. Follow these steps to import and export rules in PSt files:

  • Step 1: Open Outlook and go to the Tools menu. Select Rules Wizard from the menu.

    PST Upgrade
  • Step 2: Click on Options

    PST Upgrade
  • Step 3: Choose the function you want to perform (import or export).

    PST Upgrade
  • Export Rules: It will allow you to save your current rules to a file which can then be used to import your current rules.
  • Import Rules: It will add any rules in the file you choose to your current rules set.
  • Step 4: Browse for the file that you want to import from or export to. Choose the file to import if you are Importing Rules or you choose a file name and location for saving the rules if you are Exporting Rules.