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Here is the list of some advanced features of SysInfoTools PST File Repair software:

  • Effective and quick recovery: The software performs an effective recovery of corrupt Outlook .pst files within a couple of minutes. It supports corrupt .pst files of both formats, i.e. ANSI and Unicode. It can easily recover a corrupt .pst file of any size and also supports recovery of Unicode characters from corrupt .pst files.
  • Save recovered data into multiple formats: All the recovered data of .pst file can be saved into a new file. This new file can be saved into different formats of Outlook Express and MS Outlook. It supports saving of recovered data in EML and DBX format of Outlook Express and MSG and PST format of MS Outlook.
  • Encrypted PST file recovery: The software supports recovery of encrypted .pst files. It smartly detects the encryption type of selected .pst file before starts scanning process. It supports compressible encryption, high encryption and no encryption.
  • Auto-detect feature: This feature is helpful when a user does not know the information of corrupt .pst file. This feature helps software detect the correct information of selected .pst file, like: .pst file version and the encryption present on it.
  • Three modes: The software has 3 different recovery modes for corrupt .pst file. Standard Mode of recovery fixes minor corruption issues and takes less time. Advanced Mode is helpful when standard mode fails to perform recovery. It can fix major corruption issues and recover maximum possible data. Deep Mode should be used if both standard and advanced mode fail to recover corrupt .pst file.
  • Recovery of Non-english characters: The software supports recovery of non-english characters from corrupt .pst files. There is a box Supports Non-english characters, which should be checked if a user wants to recover non-english characters from the selected .pst file. This feature can be disabled by unchecking the box. Especially helpful in recovering data from ANSI PST file.
  • Handle Alignment errors in PST files: This is a unique feature of PST File repair software. It is available with all three recovery modes, i.e. Standard, Advanced and Deep Mode. This feature is very helpful if a .pst file is recovered after media corruption and poses header alignment related corruption.
  • Supportability and compatibility: The software supports all major versions of MS Outlook, such as: MS Outlook 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It smoothly runs under all the popular operating systems of Windows, such as: Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, Win 7 and Win 8.

Some new features have been added to this updated version of PST File Repair software:

  • Save recovered data in MBOX and Archive formats: Other than EML, DBX, MSG and PST formats, now there are two more formats for saving recovered data. Users can now save recovered data in MBOX and Archive formats (it includes .eml, .vcf, .ics and .txt format).
  • Recovery snapshots: Users can save the snapshot of PST file recovery at user defined location and can load the saved snapshot in future if needed. By using this feature, user can save the precious time that can be spent on re-scanning the same .pst file.
  • Search feature: The Search feature helps users search any particular email messages from the selected .pst file. This feature is very useful when .pst file contains a large number of email messages.
  • Export feature: The Export feature helps users save all the listed data into an HTML file. All the items which are recovered from a mailbox folder are shown in the right pane. The list of recovered items can be exported into HTML format.
  • Log feature: Now users can generate a Log file of PST recovery process at user defined location. The log file is saved in text or .txt format. All the information regarding file scanning and recovering is stored in the log file.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. How long PST Repair software will take to repair the file?

Ans. There is no definite time that can be specified. Actually the time taken depends on the level of corruption and size of the file. If the process is running it means software is scanning corrupt PST files. Once the scanning will be completed you will get the repaired file in the desired location.

Q. Can I repair the PST file if the file has exceeded 2GB size and is now corrupted?

Ans. Yes, this software can easily recover corrupt PST files that exceeds over 2GB limit.

Q. I have lost my full version for SysInfoTools for PST Recovery Software. Can you help me?

Ans. Yes, our customers are our supreme priority and if you are feeling any problem like this then feel free to contact us at our mail ID with your order number and mailed. We will be happy to help you.