How to Repair Corrupt PDF File: PDF Repair Tool

PDF repairThere are lots of factors that prevent PDF from successfully running in an Acrobat or Adobe Reader environment.  Some of the factors include fatal damage to PDF application or damage to the Reader. Many times Acrobat is not timely updated or installed and the reader remains under updated. Also unrecognisable file type or the PDFs which are created with programs that doesn’t support Adobe is a major factorof an inaccessible PDF document on your local machine.

Issues with PDFs

Below given are the most common issues which are experienced by a PDF user:

  • Blocking of PDF document due to protected passwords.
  • Non-adobe environment for creation of a PDF document.
  • Corrupted PDF file.

In several such cases you need to repair PDF file to run successfully.

Password-protected PDFs

PDF passwords are created to secure a PDF file or any document. This prevents any type of unauthorized access to unwanted elements that may try to steal your valuable information. Usually the PDF owner keeps protected passwords and this may prevent other users from opening a particular PDF file unless provided with the correct details. However, there can be instances when PDF owner or the password creator himself may forget or lose track on the current password. In such cases, a PDF document becomes completely inaccessible. In such situations, all a user may want is to get his access back which is possible only through a password cracker.

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PDFs that doesn’t comply with the policies

Most often, it is reported that the reader or acrobat application blocks access to the PDFs which aren’t created in a safe environment or the ones that give access to harmful content. Such PDF are a threat to your security. Non-adobe products through which PDFs are created doesn’t always comply with PDF standards.

Corrupted File

pdf error

Damaged or Corrupted PDF files are usually sourced from Web or from the emails which you receive. Such files are prone to corruption due to probable virus attacks. It is advised to directly save or download these PDF files to your system’s hard drive instead of copying them to the network drive or any portable device.

Update PDF Reader or Acrobat Reader

Many PDF issues can be resolved by just updating pre-installed reader or acrobat application. For doing so:

  • Launch Reader or Acrobat.
  • Select Help and check for latest updates.
  • Now, click to update your reader up to the latest version.

Repair Corrupt PDF Reader or Acrobat

Repairing the reader or acrobat is sometimes the only solution that you can perform when PDF files fail to load within the application.

Repair Corrupt PDF Reader using Windows Control Panel

  1. Go to Control Panel from the Start menu.

Windows 7/Vista users: Select Programs and go to Programs and Features 

Windows XP users: Double click on Add or Remove Programs 

  1. From the list of programs, choose Adobe Reader or Adobe acrobat.
  2. Click on change and repair the application by following instructions.
  3. Once the process is over, click on Finish and your Reader would be repaired automatically.

Repair Corrupt PDF using built-in feature within the Reader or Acrobat Application

  1. For Reader, Go to Help and select Repair Adobe Reader Installation.
  2. For Acrobat, Go to Help and select Repair Acrobat Installation.

The application will try to diagnose and repair issues automatically up to a certain exception.

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Alternative solution

PDF documents or files may not perform even after applying numerous manual solutions or even after repairing the application using appropriate method. In such cases, you can repair corrupt PDF using PDF repair solutions which may completely repair, recover and restore your PDF files in their original format.