How to Download and Install Windows Live Mail on your System having Windows 7 or 8?

Windows 7 and 8 do not have a mail program installed. You need to download and install it manually on your system having Windows 7 or 8. Windows Live Mail is one of most popular mail client programs, that is very easy-to-use. Once you download the program, you need to install it on your system, and then you need to set up a free account. All the required steps in these processes, are shown below:

How to download Windows Live Mail?

1. To download Windows Live Mail from the Internet, open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) and go to this link:

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2. Within a few seconds, you will be on “Windows Essentials” window. Click on the Download now button shown there.

Download Windows Live mail

Once you click on Download now button, the download process will start and within a few seconds it will be completed.

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3.  Once the installation setup has been downloaded on your system, double-click it. A new dialog box “Open File – Security Warning” will appear on your screen.

Click on Run to start the installation process of Win Live Mail.

4. Once you click on Run, the installation process will start.

Install Windows Live mail

5. The “Windows Essentials 2012” window will appear.

Now choose what do you want to install: Install all of Windows Essentials (recommended) or Choose the programs you want to install. Once you have chosen the option, click on Next.

6. Now the select the program(s) you want to install. All the programs are checked by default, uncheck the program you do not want to install.

Once you have selected the program(s) to install, click on Install button.

7. A new dialog box “One Last Thing” will appear. Read the message carefully.

Click on OK to start installation of selected program(s).

8. The installation process will start. Please wait until it gets completed.

Once the installation process is completed, a message will appear on your screen to restart the system. Before restarting the system, make sure no other file is open or if open, save the file to avoid data loss.

9. Within a few minutes, your system will be restarted. To open Windows Live Mail program on your system, click on Windows Start button > All Programs >  Windows Live Mail.

10. When you click on Windows Live Mail, you need to accept Microsoft Services Agreement. To accept the agreement, click on Agree button.

13. Once you accept the agreement, Windows Live Mail program will be launched on you system.

Click on Cancel.

14. Now click on Sign in button to sign in to Windows Live Mail by using your email address.

15. Now enter your Email ID and password to sign in to Windows Live Mail.

16. Please wait, Windows Live Mail is signing in .

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