How to connect MS Outlook 2010 to Microsoft Exchange Server?

To connect MS Outlook 2010 to Microsoft Exchange Server, first you need to create a new profile.

1. Click on Start button > Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles > Add.

Enter a name inside the box under Profile Name and click on OK.

2. The “Add New Account window will appear on your screen.

Auto Account Setup: Check “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”  box and click on Next.

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3. Now choose service.

Check Microsoft Exchange or compatible service” box and click on Next.

4.  Now enter the information required to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Type your server name and user name. Check “Use Cached Exchange Mode” box. Click on More Settings tab.

5. The “Microsoft Exchange” window will appear on your screen.

Select any connection type for connecting to Microsoft Exchange Server and check “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” box.  Click on Exchange Proxy Settings tab.

6. Now provide connection settings. Enter a URL that will be used to connect to your proxy server for Exchange.

Check the boxes which are shown “checked” above. Select Proxy authentication settings: Basic Authentication. Click on OK.

7. Now click on Apply > OK on Microsoft Exchange window. You will be returned to Add New Account window.

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8. Enter your username and password (make sure both should be entered correctly). Click on Next.

9. Click on Finish.

Now start your MS Outlook and log in with the assigned username and password.